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Upon being incarcerated, it becomes difficult for a felon to find the way back to the workforce. One may want to go through jobs hiring felons. But, one has to be enterprising and when seeking a channel for employment and earning a livelihood, one has to scan alternate mediums. This guarantees success in the bid.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the unconventional business models that felons may want to pursue as career options.

Operating a franchise as an ex-felon

A few of the felons may have an interest in operating a franchise. This technically means the permit to own and run one business, which is a restaurant in more cases than not.

What a franchise provider will primarily seek is the person’s credit history. Another factor that they would technically be considering is the business acumen of the individual. Prior work experience has a weightage here, and so do any traits that we generally associate with success.

They’d go through your credit history. A criminal background check is also likely to be involved.

There are many cases wherein serving time in prison has led to financial setbacks for felons. Not being able to pay bills on time has affected their credit history, ratings, and scores. 

These factors could make it difficult to find acceptance when seeking a franchise. Getting financing also gets tough.

The best way to go about the matters is to be truthful regarding one’s conviction. If one attempts to conceal the offense, question marks could be raised about one’s integrity and moral character.

An ex-felon would have some limitations to overcome before starting a business

  1. Surety Bond

A surety bond should vastly be seen as insurance coverage for the clients. However, this may be unavailable if an individual has a criminal record.

In numerous states, one has to hold a surety bond to be a vehicle dealer, mortgage lender, contractor, or plumber.

  1. Licensing

If one is an ex-felon, one could face difficulties in getting some business licenses. This is vastly defined by the nature of the offense that was conducted and the type of business license that you currently seek. 

Just as an instance, if you faced a felony conviction associated with the use or possession of illicit substances, you might face difficulties with finding employment in the medical field or getting a pharmacy license.

  1. Business or Commercial loans

There are cases wherein a criminal record acts as a barrier. But there is no way that it by default prevents you from getting a loan for your company.

If one has undergone a felony conviction, one is still eligible to apply for loans just as other company owners do. Criminal history could raise red flags, though.

  1. Travel

It is possible that having a criminal history influences your visa waiver and visa applications. You might be required to hire someone to conduct business abroad if such becomes the case.


The key to running a successful business lies in one’s desire to succeed, irrespective of whether one has a criminal record or not. ReeCareers is the trusted resource for offering counseling and rehabilitation for felons. We offer housing programs for felons and jobs hiring felons.

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