There are cases wherein convicted criminals who have committed a felony are permitted to join the military. The underlying reason is that when an ex-felon expresses his desire to serve in the military, it just goes to show how much he has learned from his conviction that took place earlier, and how eager he is to become a better person.

It is hard to deny that when one enlists in the army, a peculiar set of benefits follows. Just as instance, a convict would then learn the value of being disciplined. He’d learn to adhere to a strict lifestyle.

Most importantly, an army man is benefited via a stable income and a host of lucrative benefits. So, when an ex-felon expresses a desire to join the army, it is, but, a natural development.

Now, the army does recruit ex-felons. But, the applicants do face obstacles in enlistment. Firstly, the military is concerned that hiring an ex-felon does not create problems in terms of safety. Then, the army is no training camp. So, the recruiters will not want to find people who can learn to lead a disciplined life. They are, instead seeking people who are already disciplined. 

It is important to note that the military definition of criminal offenses and felonies is different from anyone else’s definition. This is regardless of the local or state laws. So, the military is going to ask you about pardons and expungements. They play by their own rules, regardless of what other employers do. 

Still, this is not a matter that should discourage a convicted violator. When such an individual intends to join the army, he can apply for a host of exceptions and waivers. 

Some crimes disqualify an applicant, by default, from enlisting. But, obviously, this isn’t the case always.

This article discusses a few of the most important specifics and facts of the matter. These are issues that an ex-felon applying for a position in the military should keep in mind. 

So, yes, an ex-felon can join the army. While the process poses some difficulties, it is doable for sure.

Moral Standard for Enlisting

The military is going to consider a host of factors before hiring an ex-felon. The recruitment focuses on whether an ex-felon has learned from his past to be a better person. This goes to show that the individual meets the military’s moral standards.

Just as an instance, an ex-felon who is guilty of weapons violation or a violent crime has to demonstrate that he is no security threat. This becomes more particularly so when the individual convicted earlier is required to handle guns and firearms. 

The right way to go about doing so is to discuss with the recruiter that upon finishing his sentence, the ex-felon found a job and interacted with society without posing any threats.

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