Different professional resume types – We live in a world where competition among people is off the charts. People are competing with their friends, people are competing with strangers, and people are competing with themselves too. A person must stand out of the crowd to get noticed.

If you’re planning to apply for a job, take note that the market today is full of applicants looking for that same job. The number of applications that pour in for any job opportunity is too much. Don’t lose hope if someone else gets chosen instead of you.

However, you can avoid this situation by preparing for the applications way ahead. The best way to do so is by making a resume that has all the information about you. A unique, informative resume would be enough for you to grab the employer’s attention.

Resume writing is an easy task if a person is willing to spend some time on it. However, people do not pay much attention to them, which drags them down. It is essential to have a format set for your resume to give maximum information in minimum words.

There are different resumes from which a person can choose depending on the job and the situation.

Here are the five professional resume types:

  1. Chronological Resume/Reverse Chronological Resume (most common)
  2. Functional Resume
  3. Combination/Hybrid Resume
  4. Infographic Resume
  5. Targeted Resume

1. Chronological Resume/ Reverse Chronological Resume

As the name suggests, a chronological resume focuses more on your work and education history. A person can write this resume in either normal order or reverse order. It means that the information can either follow the yearly path or start with your latest achievements and go on.

The resume has all the information regarding your work history according to your latest position held. A similar pattern follows when writing about your academic details and achievements. This type of order helps the employer see how well you’ve done in your career.

This type of resume is ideal for those candidates who do not have any gap years.

2. Functional Resume

While a chronological resume focuses on academic and work experiences, a functional one is different. A functional resume focuses on your skill-set & experience considering your work history irrelevant.

The difference between a chronological and functional resume is that the skills section is full of details here. The applicants list their skills here instead of a long work experience section on the resume. Moreover, a person mentions their accomplishments using bullet points under every category.

This type of resume is helpful for people who are working in changing industries or have a gap in their work history.

3. Combination/Hybrid Resume

As the name suggests, a combination resume is a mixture of chronological and functional resumes. This resume forms by taking the essential features of both types and combining them.

In this, you get to write your skills and experience along with enough space to write about your work history.

The combination resume is the best fit for people with technical skills to showcase and transferable skills with job history.

4. Infographic Resume

People have started taking a creative approach to the resume writing process. Many people use infographic resumes instead of traditional ones to stand out from the crowd. This unique approach of professional resume writing combines colors, icons, and font styling.

While traditional resumes get preference over infographic resumes, a designer can highlight their skills with this. Making an infographic resume can be challenging for a rookie, and sending an average resume can negatively impact your application.

Another problem with infographic resumes is that the resume tracking system might skip such resumes. The tracking system searches for keywords in the application, and it might skip a resume in infographic form.

However, if you are a graphic designer, you can submit an infographic resume to gain those extra points.

5. Targeted Resume

A targeted resume is a resume that is built according to a specific job description. A person can submit this resume as a chronological, combination, or functional resume depending on the job they are targeting.

You can go through the job posting and look for the focus keyword to make an efficient, targeted resume.


Different professional resume types cater to the varying needs of a person. Some are convenient for the employer, while some are effective for the applicant. However, both will help you get a great job.

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