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Laundromats are sprinkled all across the nation but visiting a laundromat delivers only a limited amount of joy. One waits around waiting for one’s clothes to be cleaned and dried.

Owning a washer and drier is a proposition few people would refuse. This lets one manage other things while clothes are automatically cleaned.

Nowadays, it has become possible for an ex-felon to get financial aid for buying a washer and drier, such that bedding and clothing keep clean. Let us take a look at the top resources that make such aid available.

  1. Salvation Army

Salvation Army is an organization based on faith. When these people no longer need an item, they donate it. So, when such is the requirement, connect with Salvation Army thrift stores in your neighborhood. Ask them if they have any spare washer and drier units available. Propose to buy a unit at affordable prices.

  1. Local Churches

Connect with some churches close to where you live. Inform them that you seek help purchasing a washer and dryer. They may request the congregation to donate money for you, or may have a program in place for meeting the requirements of community members. Someone in the congregation may donate a washer dryer for you.

  1. Goodwill Industries

This one’s a popular thrift store chain spread across the country. They receive only the items donated to them. By selling these items, they make revenue to help the community. This agency might have washer and dryer available for you at affordable rates.

  1. Rent to Own

Rent to own type stores are also nowadays available. If one wants to purchase appliances, these stores forward their financial help. One gets to take a fresh unit home and only pays the rent for them monthly. When one has paid in full for the product, one gets to keep the washer and dryer.

  1. Craiglist

A host of curb alerts are listed on Craiglist. You can go through them and see if anyone is giving away a washer dryer. To do the same, you should be a part of Facebook curb alert groups in your area. You are likely to find people upgrading their old units, with their present units working just fine.

  1. Habitat for Humanity

This organization is primarily in place for helping out the people in low income groups. They could be helping out ex-felons financially for their requirements such as buying a washer and dryer. Thrift stores of the organization are known as Habitat ReStore. Items are donated here and sold at affordable prices.

  1. Find a Rebate

The federal government also offers rebates on appliances. Each year, the pattern varies. But there will be times when they offer rebates on buying energy efficient items. So, when seeking to buy a washer dryer at subsidized prices, one should be frequently checking their rebate finder.


Contact youir family and friends to tell them that you seek affordable options for a washer dryer. Contact ReeCareer, the definitive resource for financial advice for ex-felons. Also access resources for rehabilitation programs for felons, resume writing for convicted felons, Housing Programs for Felons, and jobs hiring felons at ReeCareer.

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