Well, that’s an excellent topic to discuss. A felony convicted person does need love because he’s a human too. However, the felons can experience some challenges here. The person is not finding a job, but this is something personal.

The individual convicted of a felony has spent the time of sentence. Now, he or she is not a threat to society. Meanwhile, the record stays with the person even he has overcome his felony. That’s the stigma of being a convict that remains with the person.

Dating a Felon – Know the Challenges

Talking about dating a felon, things can become a little messed up. Further, the relationship will experience a lot of stress as nothing remains hidden. It is because being a felon, his or her partner will also suffer. For example – Applying for a job, renting an apartment, and much more.

If there is someone special in a felon’s life, then he or she has to deal with patience. The stigma attached to a criminal will take some time to overcome. Further, the person who is dating a felon is on the safe side. It is because the convicted has already served a sentence. Now, the felon wants a regular life to lead.

However, the challenges faced by a felon are on the negative side. For a relationship to be a stronger one, positive aspects need to be more.

Dating A Felon – The Pros

As we stated above that there are more negative aspects than positive ones. Take a look at the pros of dating a felon.

Normal People End Up in Bad Situations

If we talk about felons, the first thing that comes to our mind is that a felon is a bad guy. Well, not necessarily. An average person can end up committing a felony in a bad situation. It doesn’t make him or her bad, but the situation is for sure. Felons do expect love and affection as other people do.

Talking about the relationship before the felony, things become different afterward. The best part is to put the past behind and move forward in life. Now, if you ask about dating a felon, it isn’t easier. However, with the things set in the right place, a second chance is worth dating.

Dating A Felon – The Cons

Let us now take a look at the cons of dating a felon.

Issues with Job Search

It is a fact for the felons that job search is a daunting or challenging task. Most of the time, they won’t get selected because of their past criminal record. However, if lucky, some of the companies offer them jobs. Meanwhile, discrimination doesn’t happen from the employer’s end, but the issue is trouble finding work.

Taking this into consideration, dating a felon can put the other person under financial constraints. Because the job is unsure for a felon, it can further affect the relationship. The felon won’t have enough money to support himself, and a person dating a prisoner will be affected.

Accommodation is Hard to Find

Based on the job aspect, the felon lands in another trouble – the accommodation issues. Securing a place to live is hard to find for the offenders, which affects the relationship. Dating a felon who doesn’t have a better place to stay will stress another person.

Further, being with a felon who cannot afford the apartment rent brings serious troubles.

The Social Stigma

Whatever the kind of crime, either violent or not, the social stigma haunts the felony conviction. Even if the person was proved innocent or, on the other end, guilty, the criminal past stays along. In this case, dating a felon will also carry forward the same, bringing more troubles to another person.

Even if the individual was proved innocent later after spending the term, the stigma is attached. Society always thinks of the felon as a bad guy because of the criminal past. Meanwhile, the dating partner is also involved in the same category treating him or her as a wrong person.

All Benefits are Revoked

Besides the trouble of getting a job or accommodation, the felons are revoked of several benefits. They don’t have the right to vote or seek other services for housing loans, food stamps, etc. It impacts the relationship, and the person dating a felon has to bear the circumstances.


Well, everybody should get a second chance, and felons are not bad people. However, dating them can end up straining the relationship. Dealing with it using patience is a good thing and ignore the social stigmas. Move forward in life and leave your past behind.

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