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Financial freedom is a huge part of pulling your life together. It is essential to fulfill basic needs and lead a life of purpose. Not many people come from affluent families in New Jersey where they can get away with not working. The notion is especially true for felons who commit crimes due to circumstances. No doubt, there are many jobs for ex-felons in New Jersey. It’s still a challenge to get one.

Living life in prison only adds to poverty. Hence, many ex-offenders look for a stabilizing job after coming outside. But, with a lack of experience and criminal background, the search reaps no rewards.

Jobs for Ex-felons in New Jersey – The Top 3

Traffic Control Protector

Keeping individuals safe at the time of work is an important job. It includes the use of a flag to stop ongoing traffic from hurting the workers. The position helps ensure that the crews, drivers, and other team members get home safely.

The applicant gets to work outside in an independent environment. Also, the prerequisites do not include a college degree.

But, the individual should have the capacity to stand 8 to 12 hours a day lifting 40-45 lbs of weight. 

Find the jobs here.

Jobs in the Film Industry

The film industry is much more forgiving of criminal backgrounds. So, if you have the relevant qualification or skills in the department, opt for jobs in the field.

Also, as filming is a more skilled-based job than education, ex-felons interested in theater can benefit from such opportunities.

Having an educational qualification is better, but not always mandatory.

Again, the worst that can happen is rejection.

Find the jobs here.

Case Manager

Getting employment in a firm that helps others is the road to a fulfilling life. Case managers usually need to meet the clients and show practical leadership skills. 

Moreover, grasp over the legal, ethical, and liability issues, communication skills, and efficient time management skills are crucial for the work.

Depending on the organization, you might also need some qualifications for eligibility.

Find the jobs here.

Jobs for Ex-felons in New Jersey – Tips to Prepare at First

As someone who hasn’t looked for a job in at least a year or possibly, decades, your skills might be rusty. The added weight of criminal records will only push you down. To persevere in the trying times, it is necessary to prepare well.

Ex-felons looking for a job can use this information as a guide to prepare well for the interviews and find a relevant job.

To make the search process more straightforward, here are a few steps to take.

Identify your Expertise

Each individual differs. Their expertise, skill sets, and overall job performance will vary. For every individual, it is crucial that they identify strengths and weaknesses. 

For one, someone who isn’t a team player, finding a more individualistic job is a more suitable option. But, someone who thrives with people should look for more team-oriented jobs.

Also, check your skills. Generally, someone who is good at crafts can benefit from working in the field.

Job Requirements in Your Area

Your location has a huge role to play in your career choice. So, if you live in New Jersey, you need to find a prevalent job in your area. So, take the time to research your site well and check for the most profitable jobs.

Felony charges or not, getting your dream job is challenging. Though, it is even more unlikely for people who have committed crimes. Our suggestion, apply anyways.

It is best to face the rejections head-on than refuse to try.

A Well-Thought Resume

Your resume dictates first impressions. Hence, applicants must invest time in creating the ideal resume for the job. List your set of skills that match the job requirements.

Ensure that the resume looks well-done and appealing. As many companies do not have the resources to run a background check, a good resume can help improve your chances of success.

Also, other companies with felon-friendly recruitment processes will take it as a good sign.

Prepare for Interviews

Practice is an essential part of the interview process. Each interview is a chance to improve your chances of success. But, prepare for relevant questions and body language before going to the interview.

Under preparation will deter the chances of all individuals, irrespective of their skill set.


Several professions are available for ex-felons. Looking for jobs opportunities open to you will increase your chances of success. 

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