Finding inexpensive public housing for felons is a huge challenge for many ex-offenders. Therefore, the government has launched The Section 8 choice voucher program, a sort of housing aid.

Every state has a government-sponsored rental assistance program known as Section 8. It enables qualified people and families to rent an apartment at a 60-70 percent discount from a participating landlord.

Because of the stringent eligibility requirements, many persons with criminal records turned away. Even though obtaining Section 8 is not straightforward, it might be one of the greatest long-term answers to your housing needs.

Here is everything you need to know about eligibility, the application procedure, the wait time, and how to apply outlined here.

What is Section 8 Voucher and How Does It Work?

Section 8 Voucher, also known as the Housing Choice Voucher Program, is a rental assistance program available in all 50 states. The federally financed program offers qualified individuals – or families – a reduced renting package. Participating landlords can offer convicts up to a 70% discount on their homes as part of the program.

Typically, this program has stringent eligibility requirements. Persons with a criminal record are ineligible under these rules. However, the tight standards make it tough for felons to get a Section 8 voucher. However, it may be the greatest solution for your public housing for felons troubles in the long term.

Possibilities to Get Apartments with Section 8 Public Housing Colonies

Most convicts try to rent apartments under the Public Housing Program as it is less expensive and more accessible.

However, the government has imposed severe guidelines to evaluate whether or not an ex-felon is eligible for a public house.

The HUD administration is quite severe when it comes to regulating the scheme’s services. Many offenders’ applications turn down because they do not match the eligibility requirements.

Do Person with Record Qualify for Public Housing for Felons?

Two crimes disqualify you from supported low-income and subsidized housing programs, according to federal regulations. A person should not bother applying if you have one of these.

  • You listed as sex offender.
  • You found guilty of manufacturing or producing methamphetamine in a subsidized housing facility.

These two regulations would disqualify you as a family if they applied to any member of your home on your application.

In addition, to federal guidelines, each state has its own set of qualifying requirements.

Can Felon Apply for Section-8 Public Housing?

A convict follows the same procedure as a regular citizen when applying for public housing. The Public Housing Program has facilities in every state and city in the United States. As a result, a convicted felon may be able to locate a public housing authority in their respective area.

 If you’re a convicted felon, you should apply for a public housing apartment at a public housing authority near you.

The Application Process

It would be best to keep in mind that each authority accepts applications for a specified period each year. A convict must wait for the following session once the designated period for applying has passed.

Documentation is the next crucial step in the application process. Every public housing authority requires a stack of paperwork from an applicant. And, a criminal or convicted applicant’s application is carefully scrutinized. For subsidized public housing rents, criminals, like other individuals, must provide acceptable documentation.

The required paperwork for applying for a public housing for felons rental will highlight in the following sections:

  • Every candidate must present identification that verifies their nationality. A person’s birth certificate is a crucial supporting document that a public housing authority requests. To get their application approved, US citizens must provide their Social Security Number.
  • Also, they have to prove stability before approving their application when it comes to financial considerations. The HUD wants to assess each applicant’s financial situation. The organization has made it a requirement to submit tax forms and bank statements to facilitate this. To assess if an application is eligible for public housing, the agency also looks at the applicant’s most current credit score.
  • Aside from the documentation listed above, the HUD also wants proof of an applicant’s present address. In addition, an applicant must furnish a detailed account of his past residences during the last five years.


Making a new beginning may appear tough, but it is not possible. One of the most important stages toward a new life is being qualified for housing. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for felons, which makes it special. It’s time to take ownership of your acts and move on with your family.

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