All offenders need support groups. In fact, most of the offenders commit crimes due to bad associations caused by poverty, health problems, drug and substance addiction just to mention a few. People suffering from such conditions need to be supported to recover and lead normal lives fully.

The United States government, together with other stakeholders, is determined to support ex-criminal to abandon punishable criminal activities. Therefore, although this page is closely related to government programs, it entails support groups from nongovernmental and faith-based organizations.

There are various support groups and services that the United States government and other organizations avail to detainees and offenders who are castigated or confined in correctional facilities under community supervision through either parole and probation.

Corrective groups aim at assisting criminals in correcting or modifying behavior related to their criminal doing to hold them responsible for their behavior and boost public safety.

In general, this page is about;

Anger management
Thinking skills
Vocational training and advancement in education
Job search and placements
Parenting programs
Financial management

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