Being an ex-felon could be tough in this world because your conviction could affect you even after you complete your sentence. However, it is the moral duty and obligation of society and governments to make sure that the individuals who had been incarcerated earlier are brought back into the society and the job scene. This will work well for society holistically and not just the ex-felons.

In this article, we will take a look at the top resources available for felons to address the problems they could be facing, in the form of rehabilitation programs for felons and job placements.

Rehabilitation Programs For Felons Than You Can Enroll Into:

  1. The Last Mile (TLM)

If an individual who has been incarcerated is seeking to access entrepreneurship and technology training, he should be enrolling himself in the TLM program which is dedicated to providing the same. This way, the person finishing his sentence will be equipped with the requisite skills to let him find employment upon his release.

  1. Homeboy Industries

Homeboy Industries is based in Los Angeles and offers a host of services, including employment training and job opportunities. This is primarily for the individuals who were formerly involved with gangs and have been incarcerated.

  1. California Department Of Correction And Rehabilitation

California Department of Correction And Rehabilitation is headquartered in Sacramento, California. Their focus primarily lies on the delivery of rehabilitative programs such that incarcerated individuals can be equipped with essential skills. 

The key area of interest, here, is to make sure that when the incarcerated individuals are reintegrated into their communities and homes, they do not seek or find the way back to crime.

Job Placement Initiatives

The role of job placement initiatives cannot be undermined when helping felons reintegrate successfully into society and finding meaningful employment. Upon collaborating with employers, unnecessary barriers hindering the hiring process are overcome. That’s exactly what these programs do. Giving a second chance to incarcerate people directly translates to reducing the rates of recidivism.

Let us take a look at a few of the top job placement initiatives for felons:

  1. Ban the Box

As per the “Ban the Box” legislation, in job applications, employers are prohibited from inquiring if an applicant has a criminal record. This works towards ensuring that the evaluation of incarcerated individuals takes place based on their skills and qualifications. They have a fair chance to compete for job opportunities.

  1. Federal Bonding Program

Under this program, if an employer hires an applicant with a criminal record, he is provided a fidelity bond. This bond acts as a robust safeguard against potential employee dishonesty, keeping employers sure regarding their protection.

  1. Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC):

 If an employer hires individuals listed under certain target groups such as ex-felons, they receive tax credits from WOTC.

  1. Employer Engagement

When employers and correctional facilities put in collaborative efforts, finding jobs for ex-felons simplifies. These entities facilitate these connections via networking events and job fairs.

  1. Public-Private Partnerships

Some organizations, in partnership with private companies, create job opportunities exclusively for ex-felons. A supportive work environment is an important area of focus here.


Reecareers is an organization dedicated to addressing the issues faced by ex-felons, in terms of finding counseling, rehabilitation programs for felons, job support, job opportunities, and housing support.

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