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Getting a job after being free from prison is quite hard for every felon. No doubt, recidivism is very much common in the United States. Just look at a recent study report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. It states that every 3 of 4 released prisoners are found to commit re-offend within the five years of release. And the reason is quite simple. There is always a higher rate of unemployment among them. Fortunately, nowadays, the situation is changing quickly. The government has taken some strong initiatives to offer promising careers for felons.

Besides, many companies from different sectors have come forward to combat this problem by offering jobs to them. Restaurants are one of those sectors which welcome felons with open arms. In this blog post, we will discuss how restaurants are becoming a lifeline to them and vice versa.

Careers for Felons in the Restaurant

Nowadays, many felons prefer to serve in this sector after freeing from prison. Usually, restaurants have no issue with hiring them. Besides, they offer decent pay to them. No doubt, these places are ideal for someone with a record to start.

So, anyone with a criminal record can apply for the following job posts in this sector:

  • Cook
  • Grill crew
  • Kitchen service
  • Front line crew

But they have to show their skills to secure the job. If they have a skill gap, they should not be worried too much. They can easily find many training programs and join any of those to enhance their skill.

For example, you can consider Kitchens for Good in San Diego. Certainly, they have taken some sharp steps to combat the staffing problem in this industry. In fact, they offer a 12-week culinary program to enhance the skills of those people. Besides, they are totally focused on teaching them everything from knife skills to life skills. And this is only for making careers for felons. 

Background Check for a Restaurant Job

A background check is a vital step in the hiring process for any job. So, employers always want to check and verify someone’s criminal record, educational background, work experience, etc.  In fact, they never want to hire someone who will be considered bad hiring in the near future. And the restaurant businesses are not the exception to that.

In fact, all employers want to be in unity with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. So, they always run the background check to reveal all the arrest records and convictions of every applicant. This will surely help him to identify the risk factor associated with hiring any individual. 

But employers should ask for consent to run a background check at the time of the hiring process. Besides, they may focus on the following characters of any individual while selecting the right one:

  • Friendly
  • Polite
  • Active 

The person in charge of the hiring process usually assesses the following during the hiring process:

  • Credit report
  • Educational background
  • Driving history
  • Criminal offenses

However, the hiring process starts at once after placing all the important documents for that job post. Applicants can submit these documents either online or by visiting the place physically.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that restaurant businesses have taken some strong steps to offer promising careers for felons. Nowadays, you can even find many cafes and eateries run by ex-felons. They are eager to offer more second chance jobs for felons to re-integrate them into our society. So, restaurants are becoming a lifeline to make careers for felons.

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