Here’s the important thing: People who hire resume writing services are often left with a Word document containing little more than clever catchwords and attractive adjectives, which equally often results in no interviews or job offers. Choosing the best resume writing service for your hard-earned money is not an easy task simply because of the countless unreliable resume service providers out there.

How do you select the right resume writing service for your employment goals?

The article below describes a few rules to ensure that the entity you hire writes the perfect resume for you.

Best Resume Writing Service – The List of Rules

Rule No.1 – They should be a verified expert familiar with all aspects of job seeking (Networking, Interviews, etc.)

Even though most job seekers require resume writing only, it’s also critical to search established/experienced experts with verifiable track records, not solely in resume writing resume but in possessing knowledge of the entire employment sector.

Besides resume expertise, they should be proficient in securing job offers for their clients. 

Rule No.2 – For Best Resume Writing Service, Focus on the Interview Conversion Rate

Almost anyone can write a serviceable resume from a template and with a Thesaurus. However, only a few professionals craft resumes that consistently land interviews resulting job offers.

Therefore, job seekers – especially convicted felons – must hire a service provider as dedicated as you are to receiving an interview and landing the job.

Rule No.3 – Service Providers Should Follow a Data-Oriented and Metric Driven Approach

If the resume writing firm does not record the data from their resume conversion rates application, think twice before hiring them. Without this vital information, you have virtually no idea in advance if the resume they create will help you land a job. This is why working with someone professional with service knowledge and expertise is absolutely critical to your success. 

Rule No.4 – The Best Resume Services Must Understand the Job You Want

Top quality resume writers do not focus on fancy designs or cramming in as many stylish words as possible. What matters most is perfectly positioning the job seeker’s background and skills to the given role.

Understanding the job does not mean repeating the professional requirements, again and again. Anyone can do that. Truly understanding the job description and company means knowing the intrinsic needs for the job role and how the candidate’s qualities fit the stated requirements.

Rule No.5 – Resume Servies Must Know Your Background

Contrary to common perceptions, a resume writer’s most significant contribution is not writing about your experience, but instead perfectly aligning your experience and skills to the career you desire.

A resume writer’s task is to understand your past to “discover the gold thoroughly.” The gold being previous job experiences, responsibilities, and accomplishments, which can double or triple your resume’s application-to-interview conversion rate.

Many resume writers will ask you to fill out a brief intake form/questionnaire or a phone interview to discuss your previous job history. Be prepared to provide as much information as possible to help the resume expert collect the information that will increase your chances for job success.

Rule No.6 – Ensure that Resume Writers can Provide the Solution YOU Need

Despite countless professional resume writers, none can offer a 100% guarantee that you will land a job.


Because so many variables go into landing jobs for higher pay, good employment benefits, and desired job roles, especially when transitioning like most convicted felons. In other words, do not assume that hiring a professional resume expert will result in getting the job you want.


Because submitting a resume is obviously the first major step in obtaining a good job, it is absolutely critical to select a resume professional who is experienced, knowledgeable, and has a track record of success.

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