Overcoming the difficulties that job hunting with a criminal record attracts require that you take a few informed steps. Below are some essential measures you can take to ensure that your job hunting is a success.

Familiarize yourself with the laws relating to job hunting with a record

States have different regulations about the employment of felons. Therefore, before you engage in an active job search, beware of such rules in your state of residence. Examples of such regulations are fair chance hiring laws, equal employment opportunity commission EEOC guidance, ban the box laws, and targeted hiring.

If possible, clear your record before the real job hunting

Most states allow for sealing or expungement of Some classes of criminal records. On the one hand, sealing withdraws an individual’s criminal record from the general public’s view unless with a court order. On the other hand, expungement permanently draws out incidences of conviction from their record.

 Petty crimes and misdemeanors are easier to seal or expunge compared to capital offenses. If possible, clear your criminal record as it is easier to job hunt with the record sealed/expunged.

Find supportive agencies

A Latin saying goes by, “if the wind doesn’t serve, take the oars.” Thus, if job hunting single-handedly bears no fruits, why not involve “hire felon” agencies? Reecareer is passionate about helping ex-felons land their dream jobs, successfully get back into their feet, and reenter the society.

Research for openings in felon-friendly companies.

Some companies are hesitant about hiring felons, while others are not. When job hunting with a criminal record, it is wise to research and apply for jobs at companies that hire felons.

Additionally, you will acquire information on the company values, culture, pay range, and benefits. You also find out whether your skills match the company requirements.

Write or be assisted in writing your CV

Your CV tables your skills, qualifications, and achievements. Consequently, job hunting with a criminal record requires that you strongly present your employable skills to the employers.

As a result, you ought to write or seek professional assistance in writing a stunning resume. Also, adjust your resume to match the job description for every application you submit.

Aggressively apply for jobs

Surprisingly, education gives learners a tip of what to expect on the job. For this reason, employers often recruit highly motivated, enthusiastic, and ready-to-learn individuals.

So, do not limit yourself to your skills, qualifications, or accomplishments.  Instead, apply and indicate that you are open to training and you’re a quick learner.

Prepare for job interviews

As Benjamin Franklin used to say  ─ “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” you must prepare for the interview exhaustively.  Research and revise the likely questions meant for people job hunting with a criminal record. Ideally, proper preparation boosts self-confidence and increases your chances of getting hired.

Be ready for tests when job hunting

In an interview, the employer may want to test the skills you proclaim. In fact, some jobs require that interviewees take and pass a test. Such include programming, cooking, sales, driving, and many more. Practice so that the test does not come as a shock to you.

Show up for interviews

An invitation for an interview means that your CV stands out and your skills match the employer’s requirements. The next step is to present yourself for the interview. Be presentable, confident, and prepared.  After all, what is the essence of applying for jobs if you fail to show up when shortlisted anyway?

Choose your referees wisely

When job hunting with a criminal record, you dearly want referees who can comment positively about your reliability and work experience. The referee should be reachable when contacted and should know a thing or two about your work.

In summary

Although job hunting with a criminal record has several setbacks, employing the right tactics will make you successful. Interestingly, you can seek professional assistance whenever you feel like you can’t do it alone.

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