Reintegrating into society after a period of incarceration can be a challenging endeavor, particularly for individuals with felony records who have spent significant time behind bars. Fortunately, reentry programs play a crucial role in facilitating the transition of ex-offenders back into their communities. To enhance awareness of the reintegration programs available across the United States, we’ve compiled a comprehensive state wise list of reentry programs tailored for felons.

Comprehensive State wise List of Reentry Programs for Released Inmates

Over time, effective reentry strategies have been instrumental in reducing the rate of recidivism. The journey following release from prison can prove daunting for many individuals. From seeking employment and housing to obtaining photo identification, every aspect demands additional effort from ex-offenders.

Frequently, these challenges can lead to feelings of despair, potentially creating a path back to criminal behavior. Reentry programs are designed to alleviate the difficulties felons encounter upon reintegration. These initiatives primarily guide former inmates in adhering to societal norms beyond prison walls.

These rehabilitation programs encompass various offerings, including short-term housing, employment assistance, spiritual guidance, and therapeutic interventions. Some initiatives even establish networks that connect ex-offenders with peers facing similar circumstances, fostering a supportive environment that encourages rehabilitation.

Reentry Programs for Felons Across States (2023)

While some reentry programs are inclusive of both sexes, others cater specifically to either females or males. Below is a state-by-state breakdown:


  • Alabama Department of Corrections: Offers effective pre-release programs.
  • Life Source: A program focused on aiding alcohol and drug addicts.
  • The Foundry Ministries: Provides housing, jobs, and community support.
  • Shepherd’s Fold: Assists ex-offenders with financial aid, jobs, and spiritual guidance.


  • Partners for Progress: Offers comprehensive reintegration assistance.
  • Alaska Native Justice Center: Provides reentry services for adult ex-offenders.
  • Alaska Department of Corrections: Offers reentry information and support.


  • ViVRE: Offers housing support for released prisoners.
  • The Potters House: Focuses on substance abuse outpatient treatment.
  • CASS: Provides emergency job placement and shelter services.
  • Traditions: Aims to secure housing and jobs for ex-offenders.


  • Our House: Offers three housing programs, requiring gainful employment.
  • Arkansas Community Correction: Provides supportive services to reintegrating individuals.
  • Goodwill: Offers career training and self-development courses.
  • Arkansas Reentry Coalition: Provides resources for anti-recidivism.


  • CRCN: Provides access to general resources and information for successful reentry.
  • Timelist Group: Offers an array of services in southern and northern California.
  • California Reentry Institute: Runs pre- and post-incarceration programs.
  • Prison Fellowship: Offers reentry resources and support.
  • I Recover: Focuses on assisting addicts’ rehabilitation.
  • Families Forward: Assists with housing, jobs, and food.


  • FOCUS Program: Aims to mentor individuals to combat recidivism and enhance public safety.
  • Colorado Gives: Provides reintegration assistance and anti-recidivism programs.


  • Project Fresh Start: Offers supportive programs for re-offenders to facilitate reintegration.
  • EMERGE Connecticut: Enhances felons’ quality of life post-incarceration in the Greater New Haven area.
  • Hartford Reentry Services: Provides various support for released convicts in Hartford.


  • Sojourners’ Place: Offers reentry support programs.
  • Relational Living: Second Chances: Provides pre-lease lectures and second chance employment for ex-felons.
  • Volunteers of America: Delaware Valley: Effective reentry program for community reintegration.
  • Delaware Centre for Justice: Manages a state-controlled reentry program.


  • Project 180: Supports released inmates to reduce recidivism.
  • Women are Well: Provides hygiene kits and job opportunities for women.
  • Jacksonville Reentry Center: Offers reentry information for productive post-incarceration lives.
  • Florida Department of Corrections: Offers state-sponsored incentives for ex-offender support.


  • Department of Corrections: Provides transitional information and support for released offenders.
  • New Life-Second Chance Outreach: Offers referrals, job readiness, and self-development workshops for ex-convicts.
  • Transitional Housing Information: Offers housing info for felons transitioning from prison.
  • Prison Fellowship: Provides spiritual assistance to ex-offenders.
  • Georgia Calls: Assists former felons with job skills and opportunities.


  • Hope Services Reentry Service: Assists ex-offenders and felons with skills, jobs, and housing.
  • Idaho
  • Offender Resources Idaho: Provides relevant reentry information for ex-offenders.


  • Reentry Illinois: Offers reentry information.
  • Hire Network: Focuses on job-related assistance for felons.
  • Safer Foundation: Offers GED exams, jobs, housing, and career skills.
  • Lutheran Social Services Of Illinois: Provides multi-faceted support.
  • IDES: State-run employment service for released inmates.
  • Indiana
  • PACE: Offers advocacy services for community re-entry.
  • Churches Embracing Offenders: Provides spiritual-based support.
  • New Leaf: Offers schemes for reducing re-offending.
  • Indiana Department of Correction: Offers information for reentry.
  • Aftercare for Indiana: Provides reentry services for released offenders aged 16-24.
  • Brother’s Keeper: Offers housing support for male felons.
  • Iowa
  • Shelter Listings: Provides an extensive list of assistance for those in need.
  • Iowa Department Of Corrections: Reentry: Offers info on state-run reintegration programs.


  • Oxford House: Offers housing for former convicts.
  • Catholic Charities: Provides comprehensive reentry programs.
  • Love Inc of Columbia: Assists low-income families.


  • Kentucky Reentry: Provides reintegration services.
  • Greater Louisville Reentry Coalition: Addresses reintegration concerns.
  • Department of Corrections: Reentry: State-run program to reduce recidivism.


  • Reentry Solutions for Louisiana: Offers housing and employment assistance.
  • Louisiana Department of Corrections: Comprehensive state-organized reentry scheme.
  • Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office: Provides information for reentry programs.


  • Restorative Justice: Provides supportive services for ex-offenders.
  • Department of Corrections: Reentry for Women: State-run assistance for released women.
  • Maryland
  • Catholic Charities: Provides a package for felons’ reintegration.


  • Massachusetts Resource Organization: Offers information and resources.
  • Dismas House: Provides transitional services and housing.


  • Goodwill Industries: Offers a range of employment services.
  • Michigan Prisoner Reentry Program: Supports prisoners’ reintegration.
  • Department of Corrections: Provides state-controlled reentry programs.


  • Step Ahead: Provides a resource list.
  • Freedom Works: Offers housing for men.
  • Damascus Way: Offers education and housing.
  • Amicus: Offers services for ex-felons.
  • Re-armored Homes: Develops housing and job opportunities for ex-offenders.


  • Department of Corrections: State-sponsored program for reentry.
  • Start Here: Offers reentry assistance.
  • PowerHouse: Provides transportation, housing, and anti-addiction programs.
  • Corizone: Offers a database of resource links.


  • Gallatin Reentry: Government-sponsored anti-recidivism program.
  • Montana Department of Corrections: Committed to reducing recidivism through collaborative partnerships.


  • Reentry Aftercare: Offers general help for felons.
  • Department of Correctional Services: Government-run reentry initiative providing relevant information.
  • Released and Restored: Prepares ex-offenders with skills and education for meaningful employment.


  • Ridge House: Reentry program for veterans (both men and women).
  • Hope For Prisoners: Supports successful reentry into families, workforce, and community.
  • Hire Network: Provides useful information about bonding and jobs.

New Hampshire

  • Alternative Solution Associates: Offers information to make reentry less tricky.
  • Rise Again Outreach: Provides clothing and food assistance.
  • CRJ: Helps former inmates transition back into the community.

New Jersey

  • City of Newark: Offers reentry assistance for Newark residents.
  • JCETP: Provides training, jobs, and legal aid to ex-offenders.
  • Reentry Coalition of New Jersey: Committed to rehabilitating offenders.
  • VOA: Assists socially disadvantaged and disconnected individuals reentering the community.

New Mexico

  • Bernalillo County: Offers useful information about resources and housing for felons.

New York

  • CUCS: Offers reentry assistance, including easy-access housing.
  • The Road to Reentry: Assists felons in New York.
  • Division of Criminal Justice: Provides guides for reintegration.
  • Offers helpful information and resource links.
  • Supporting Housing Networks of NY: Provides affordable housing, employment opportunities, and social programs.
  • Fortune Society: Offers opportunities for reintegration.
  • Second Chances Reentry: Provides general reentry assistance.

North Carolina

  • NC Department of Corrections: Offers general reentry information and useful guides.
  • Goodwill: Grants felons secure housing and jobs.

North Dakota

  • Compassion For All: Provides resources for easy reintegration.
  • ND Department of Correction: Offers general information to improve reentry success.
  • Center Inc.: Offers rehabilitative support to individuals.


  • The Ext Program: Runs a 90-day transitional housing scheme.
  • Department of Corrections: Provides reentry information.
  • Montgomery County Reentry: Provides access to reentry services, reducing recidivism.
  • Community Action Agency (CAA): Helps ex-offenders find jobs and handles barriers.
  • North Star Reentry: Offers a comprehensive reentry program.
  • Cuyahoga County Office: Assists in addressing reentry challenges.
  • Alvis House: Offers reentry programs and affordable housing.
  • TOUCH: Provides mentoring and assistance to ex-offenders.
  • IMPACT Community Action: Offers reentry support.


  • Genesis One: Offers reentry services and support to ex-offenders.
  • OK Partnership for Reentry: Provides useful links and information.
  • Reentry.Gov: State-run program offering information on reentry processes.


  • Department of Corrections: State-run reentry program for those nearing release.
  • Mercy Corp: Offers transitional services to felons.
  • Regional Reentry Center: Provides food, housing, and employment assistance.
  • VOA of Oregon: Offers a unique transition scheme for incarcerated adults.


  • Prison Society: Provides housing organization inventory for ex-offenders.
  • Friends Over Fences: Assists with jobs, housing, and self-development.
  • CRESC: Offers informative support to offenders.
  • RISE: Provides reentry information in Philadelphia.
  • Pennsylvania Society of Prisons: Offers helpful resources for reintegration.

Rhode Island

  • Open Doors: Allows drop-in visits from one-time criminals.
  • DOC: Reentry: Offers state-sponsored support for ex-offenders.

South Carolina

  • Jump Start Program: Offers pre- and post-release assistance.
  • SC211: Provides housing and reentry program information in South Carolina.
  • Alston Wilkes Society: Supports smooth transition from prison to community.

South Dakota

  • No information provided.


  • Corizon: Offers general reintegration programs.
  • Tennessee Reentry Program: Provides links and resources for successful reintegration.


  • Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative (TORI): Offers reentry resources and guidance.
  • Cornerstone: Assists with employment and housing.
  • Unlocking Doors: Offers jobs, housing, and reentry services.
  • Tarrant County: Develops strategies to reduce recidivism.
  • Paradise Independent Living: Provides housing assistance in multiple states.


  • Salt Lake County: Assists incarcerated individuals in preparing for life after jail.
  • Compassion Works For All: Provides helpful links and resources.
  • Active Reentry: Supports disabled individuals in achieving self-sufficiency.


  • 2-1-1: Offers a wide range of guidance and resources.
  • VABIR: Provides valuable links and information across Vermont.
  • Burlington Housing Authority: Helps felons secure affordable housing.


  • Virginia CARES: Operates programs to reintegrate felons into the community.
  • Adult Alternative Program: Assists felons in starting afresh after jail.
  • City of Norfolk: Offers helplines and general information.


  • Next Steps: Reentry program offering higher education opportunities.
  • Ex-offenders Links by County: Provides county-specific reentry program links.
  • DOC Reentry: State-run program to facilitate reintegration.

West Virginia

  • Department of Corrections: Offers state-sponsored support and reentry information.


  • No information provided.


  • Compassion for All: Offers links and resources for felons’ reintegration.
  • CEC: Assists released offenders with relevant information to reduce recidivism.

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