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Job hunting without an impressive CV ( Curriculum Vitae) can be an uphill endeavor. But with an excellent CV, interviews will come your way without much strain.

Nonetheless, most of us undervalue the role played by a resume. As a result, we take very little time to research, craft, customize, proofread or edit our CVs.

We fail to acknowledge that our resumes are our representatives. So, they should be stunning and duplicate our education, experience, skills, and achievements. This article gives you the tips for writing an impressive CV and where you can find help.

Tip 1. Do your research

Before you start crafting your resume, examine the available samples. For this, you can rely on the internet as a resourceful source of information. Similarly, you can ask for a sample from friends or relatives.

Another thing you need to grasp is the job market requirements. Therefore research the education and skill requirements for your dream job.

Tip 2.  CV length and font size

Recruiters prefer short resumes. Long CVs are boring and a turn-off. The recommended length of an impressive CV is 1 – 3 pages. Unless you’re applying for very high-profile jobs such as a professor or a CEO, then you should stick to the recommended length.

And for the font size, HR specialists recommend that you use font 10 – 13. Moreover, you should write using simple and official fonts such as  Arial, Cabri,  Time New Roman, or Helvetica.

You will notice that most employers ask for CVs in MS word format or, more recently, Google word documents. You should therefore craft your resume in the said format. However, you can save your resume in PDF as it is not easily editable.

Tip 3. Write in active voice

Unlike passive voice, active voice is readable and lively. An impressive CV should engage, persuade, and connect with the recruiter, exactly what the active voice does.

Tip 4. Choose the order of your CV

There are three ways in which you can order your CV. These ways are functional, reverse-chronological, or a combination of the two. Reverse-chronological order is stronger than the other methods. It is for this reason that the order is widely used even today.

Tip 5. CV layout

One of the ways of writing an impressive CV is by starting with personal contact information. This information includes your name, professional emails, and contact numbers.

Below the contact information; add your profile.  A profile is a short opening paragraph that details your skills and experience to make your CV  impressive.

After the profile, you can proceed with your Hard and soft skills. Here you can highlight the skills in bullet format.

Next will be your work experience or career history. In this section, detail the positions and the duties you played. Start with the recent jobs that you held to the oldest.

Lastly is your academic qualifications. Again, just like in career history, you should start with the highest and most appropriate level of education.

Tip 6. Include only the applicable information

With the recommended length of an impressive CV set at most to three pages, you should try to leave out unnecessary information. Instead, include only the pertinent information.

Tip 7. Utilize professional templates

There are many professional cv templates available online. You can download and use them as they save you time and relieve you of the formatting.

Tip 8. Name your CV file appropriately

Give appropriate names to your Cv document before you send them to the recruiters. You should avoid funny names as they are a turn-off to hirers.

Tip 9. Remove grammatical and punctuation errors

Human resource executives confess that they reject applications with grammatical and punctuation errors. So, you should proofread and edit your CV before submitting your application.

How we can help

At Reecareer, we relieve you the hassle of spending a couple of hours crafting your CV. Thus, we offer professional resume writing services that are instrumental in the job-hunting process. So get in touch with us.

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