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Jobs for people with records in Missouri can be a bit hard to find. Even with the spread of fair chance policies, different US states operate with different norms. And that requires knowing various policies if you are hunting for jobs with a felony record.

Here we are exploring how felon-friendly companies in Missouri are. Read on to learn about jobs for people with records in Missouri.

Missouri Companies giving Jobs for People with Records

Chartwells K12

This company, with a team of dieticians, chefs, and doctors, caters to the food and health needs of school students. In fact, Chartwells serves healthy yet tasty food in cafeterias to ensure the well-being of kids. Also, they have fun activities for students that make them learn about food and nutrition in a fun way.

You can apply for the vacancy of administrative assistant and resident manager in the said company. This includes full-time service and pay of $18 an hour. Also, you can look for jobs as a food transporter, driver, or cook in the company.

Frito Lay

This PepsiCo subsidiary makes and sells snacks, including potato chips. From getting raw materials to delivering snacks in stores, the company handles everything with great care.

Among many locations in the US, Frito Lay provides the vacancy of route sales representative in a city called Fenton in Missouri. This full-time offer gives a salary of $56,000 annually.

Cash App

This company makes sending, saving, and investing money simpler. Also, their technology motivates you to “do more with money.”

If you are looking for jobs for people with records, you can apply for their vacancy of operational risk manager. Moreover, this remote job  based in Missouri comes with a pay of $107k per year.

First Student

This company offers transport services for school students across the US. Further, they have a transport program tailored to serve students having special needs.

If you are interested in jobs for people with records, you can apply for their vacancies of school bus driver. To emphasize, the part-time job comes with a pay of $25 per hour.

FedEx Logistics

This company, with a tight-knit transportation network, helps streamline businesses’ supply chains. Hence, they help businesses to reach a wider segment of the market.

They have vacancies for the ocean forwarding supervisor and customs trade specialist based in Missouri. You can apply for these posts since the company represents consistent growth. And they emphasize giving jobs for people with records.

Is Missouri a Felon-Friendly State?

Missouri focuses on the difference between felony and misdemeanor. And based on the difference, this US state frames rules for job chances.

Missouri uses a limit of one year in the county jail to define misdemeanors. On the other hand, the state considers more than one year spent in prison as a felony.

Further, the state never considers all felonies equal. In fact, it follows the basic norm of giving jobs for people with records. Like Missouri treats class A felonies more seriously, while class E felonies are considered less severe.

So your chance of getting a job as an ex-felon rests on the degree of felony you have.

Besides, Missouri places restrictions on getting jobs in teaching, truck driving, or nursing for felons having DWI or DUI charges.

Also, you may face problems in having jobs if you have committed drug-related crimes.

How To Prepare For Jobs In Companies In Missouri?

  • Before applying for second chance jobs for felons, you need to check the company policies.
  • Further, you can apply for any job you like, provided you think you have the skills.
  • But, with a felony, you have high chances for entry-level posts.
  • Also, you have better chances of bagging a job that doesn’t involve tight-knit checking present in jobs with high pay or handling sensitive info.
  • Besides, keep required documents handy and contact people whom you think are of great help.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, getting jobs for people with records in Missouri is possible with companies having fair chance policies. You can look for felon-friendly jobs in FedEx, First Student, Cash App, Frito Lay, and Chartwells K12.

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