In the past, there was always confusion over a simple question: were trucking companies hiring felons? And its answer was really disappointing for them. Previously, most trucking companies did not prefer to hire ex-cons. And their reason was pretty clear. In fact, these companies had less trust in them. They were unsure how an individual who had already spent a long time behind the bar could represent their company.

Fortunately, the scenario is changing quickly as the shortage of truck drivers is witnessed all over our country. So, they have to change their hiring policy to offer more and more second chance jobs for felons. As a result, these days, you don’t have to think about: are trucking companies hiring felons? But if you, as a felon, have no experience in driving trucks, what would you do? Can you apply for a job at these companies? Now the real question is: are these trucking companies hiring felons without any experience? This article will offer you a clear knowledge of whether you can apply to a trucking company without any experience. But first, you should know how to become a truck driver in case you are an ex-con.

How to Become a Truck Driver Being an Ex-con?

No doubt, having a felony on your record always makes the chances of getting a job really difficult. But this does not mean you can not get a job. If you follow the right steps, your record will not create any problems in getting a job. Now come back to the main question. If you are a beginner in the trucking world, the first thing you have to do is obtain a CDL. CDL stands for commercial driver’s license. To obtain a CDL, you have to join any trucking school or any other CDL training program.

Instead, you can consider enrolling in any trucking company-sponsored CDL training. But you have to ensure one thing when you think about joining a company-sponsored CDL training program. The company you have chosen for this purpose hires felons. Besides, you should disclose your past records in the application form.

After that, just attend the program seriously and gain practical and on-road knowledge and experience of truck driving. At the successful completion of the training program, you will obtain your CDL. With this CDL. You can become a truck driver no matter whether you have any experience or not.

Chances of Getting Selected in Trucking Companies Hiring Felons without Any Experience

Yes, you can get hired as a truck driver without any prior experience. Moreover, the shortage of skilled and reliable truck drivers implies good chances of getting a trucking job. You can search for similar vacancies on job hunting sites like Indeed.

But, having a felony on top of no experience can be troublesome. You should not be having a problem getting your CDL with a criminal record if it’s unrelated to transport. But, you can never expect the same pay as other drivers without a felony.

Here, it’s important to note getting CDLis a necessity to get hired as a truck driver. That applies with or without any experience or felony.

To obtain the CDL, join any program or training school. Moreover, there are companies that give you training if you drive for them after your session or schooling.

To increase your job chances, apply to many vacancies. Also, go for profiles that are not your first choices.

Final Thoughts

You can get your dream job in trucking Companies hiring felons without any experience. To summarize, focus on completing the training and getting a CDL. Hope we have resolved your queries and confusion related to getting trucking jobs with a felony.

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