There are several jobs to choose from for a convicted felon; however, getting settled with one can be challenging. Meanwhile, people with a felony do need to think with guts and have the mindset to change their living standards. It can come only when they end up in a job that suits them well.

Talking about the medical profession, it demands hard-working people. Even if you are a hard-working guy with a felony, it becomes a daunting task. But, once you start working as a good employee, the company treats you rather well.

Looking for a job in the medical field can highlight one area known as phlebotomy.

What Is Phlebotomy?

A person who draws blood from a patient is called a phlebotomist. Knowledge of drawing the blood into the correct tubes is a must for such a person. The blood can be used for testing & research work, transfusions, donations, and much more.

When it comes to responsibility, the phlebotomist should explain the procedure to the patients. Secondly, it is his or her duty to guide, identify and prepare the patients physically and mentally.

How Can A Felon Work As A Phlebotomist?

If you have been a convicted felon, now hired by the medical institute, you need to be gentle with patients. Because you will be involved in the procedure of puncturing the skin and drawing blood. If you are hired as a phlebotomist, make sure to work with efficiency.

Further, good hand-to-eye coordination is a must for such a profession. Meanwhile, take a look at other skills which the felon needs to take care of.

  • Give attention to detail
  • Have proper communication with the patient
  • Get to know the feelings of the patients
  • Knowledge of inputting data to the computers is a must

But, first thing first, the question is can a felon join the medical field as a phlebotomist? Take a look at the factors in the next section.

From A Convicted Felon To Phlebotomist

Taking into consideration the skills mentioned above, you are good to go as a phlebotomist. Make sure you are good with handling blood and needles, and your employment isn’t going anywhere.

However, there are some factors to take into consideration. Based on the felony, a person may or may not be hired by the employer. Take a look at the factors below.

  • The class of offense
  • Severity of charges
  • The period of sentence and when did it end
  • Are there any charges or fines pending?
  • Are you stuck with legal issues after the sentence?

Crimes can be categorized into violent and non-violent types. The misdemeanor can opt for a job as they are young and want a better future. However, a felony that includes violent crimes often gets the convict rejected.

Furthermore, as the felon is applying as a phlebotomist, he or she will be working in a laboratory. For this, background checks are done before hiring the person. But, once the felon is employed as a phlebotomist, receiving certification will not be an issue.

What Are The Educational Requirements?

Take a look at some of the pre-requisites a felon needs to join the medical profession.

A Bachelor’s Degree

You may or may not have a bachelor’s degree, as an associate degree is more than enough. However, a bachelor’s degree in the medical field is recommended for a phlebotomist’s job. It is because you will receive training with on job experience. Further, the person gets to know more about how to handle things properly.

Meanwhile, the person should keep proof of health insurance along with a health exam. It is required when the person has frequent exposure to patients with HIV.

There are plenty of colleges in the USA considering felons with a criminal history. However, they may have policies for background checks revised from time to time.

Certification Program

A felon can also opt for a certification program in phlebotomy. However, it depends on location to location. Along with the degree course, certification gives an extra punch to hone the skills.

For getting a degree, the felon should opt for a phlebotomy school. The other option is joining a certification program.


The main thing is how a felon gets back on track with a professional job. Being a phlebotomist, they will lead an everyday life despite their criminal past.

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