Can an ex-felon work as a Lyft driver? – After serving their sentence, going out of jail could be a different moment for the felons. Further, they want a job that gives them the ability to drive a car thereby earning well for their living. However, as it sounds, it is not that easy with a criminal record.

Having a criminal background can be a big concern for felons. Further, they also tend to face several hurdles before they get to lead a normal life. Because of this, many of the individuals end up going back to their criminal activities. It can lead to long-lasting imprisonment with incarceration.

Can an ex-felon work as a Lyft driver? – Explore the opportunities

Starting new and finding employment could provide a hard time for felons. There are several companies that do not hire felons for fear of their record and background that can pose risk for others.

However, some businesses that have links with non-government organizations centered on human rights and opportunities are ready to hire felons despite their background. Meanwhile, these businesses expect felons to have their own skills before being hired.

What qualifications do the ex-offender needs?

Lyft is one of the foremost well-known ridesharing companies within offering services for nearly a decade. Right now, Lyft operates in the United States providing a million rides per day.

Driving is one of the foremost and necessary skills that anyone should possess. Meanwhile, transportation has made commuting a busier one. The ride-sharing company offers convenience for commuters with a secure transportation service.

Talking about the offenders, not all of them are qualified to take up this job. Further, some of them might lack in skills. As Lyft grows wider in its service coverage, they are in dire need of ridesharing drivers catering to their clients in a day. Lyft supports the felons as they work for the company. However, they just do not hire felons who apply just for the reason they need more drivers.

Felons face background checks

Lyft, a bit like every other company, values its integrity and reputation. As far as giving hope for the felons who attempt to revisit the call at the sector and earn decent and clean money for his or her family’s needs, the corporate still runs with their profit in mind.

The authorities run an intricate background check on each applicant to take care of the standard of their service and therefore the safety of their clients. This is often done regardless of whether the applicant may be a felon or not. Look at the considerations for ex-offenders and how their application is looked upon.

  • How serious is the crime the felons have committed?
  • Nature of this criminal act
  • The timeline when it happened
  • The less severe your crime is, the more you will likely to urge hired, of course. However, you want to convince the authorities to land employment.

Lyft runs its own effective background check that does not look just into their applicant’s criminal records but even their driving offenses also. Other offenses that Lyft was significantly searching for would be:

  • Crimes with violence
  • Sexual and drug offenses
  • Theft
  • Crimes in reference to damage to property

Can an ex-felon work as a Lyft driver? – Requirements to get hired

Since the corporate has been offering ridesharing services for years now, the reassurance of comfortable and safe cars for his or her clients is an utmost priority. The wants for his or her applicant’s car are:

  • The car should be clean
  • It should be rust-free
  • Should have smooth driving capabilities
  • It should be thoroughly sanitized each day as there are multiple clients a day who ride the cars
  • It should even have four doors
  • It should cater to five to eight passengers
  • Proper documents supporting the legitimate owner of the car
  • It should have appropriate car place registration


There you are. There are many job opportunities out there. This is often increasing by the day, as companies are becoming a transparent understanding of people’s situations. You will not get employment in Lyft. That does not mean that you simply have to lose hope. All you would like to undertake is to try to continue with the time you have got lost while keeping your life on the proper path. Once you discover the proper job, make the foremost of it.

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