Does Apple consider background checks for ex-offenders? – Well, that’s the big question!

Background checks are what every company looks for. You already know about Apple, the US giant company that sells the best of iPhone and other products. Working with such a big company is a dream come true for any individual. However, when it comes to the case of convicted felons, the situation changes.

Therefore, if the ex-offenders are looking for a better income source, working with Apple is not comparable. The tech giant is the right place to get a job. However, the company might consider background checks for ex-offenders.

Does Apple Consider Background Checks for Ex-Offenders? – The Policy Matters

When it comes to the company, Apple has its policies. It has been more than a decade; the company has grown rapidly. Further, Apple has several employees working on different technologies. The company would be meticulous on choosing new individuals while giving the best of employee satisfaction.

Does Apple give the felons a better chance to apply? Well, there can be some areas where the company finds an individual with a criminal record unfit to hire. Secondly, in some cases, the company treats felons well; however, Apple considers background checks for ex-offenders. Look below at how the company finds more information about these individuals.

Does Apple Consider Background Checks for Ex-Offenders? – Let’s Find Out!

Talking about the new employees, the company would often check for more information about them. In this regard, the candidate needs to possess skills – Technical expertise, communication skills, and troubleshooting skills.

Further, the felon individual will also have to be aware of the fact about background checks. It is for the benefit of Apple’s existing employees and the customers too. As Apple is a drug-free company, it requires individuals to undergo a drug test.

In addition to the drug test, the company makes sure to gather following information. It is a part of the background checks done by the company.

  • How severe was the crime committed by an individual
  • Time since the last conviction occurred
  • Background checks for driving history, violation, etc
  • Background checks for education history
  • Felonies committed in the past seven years

Ban the Box Movement – How Does it Fare up for the Ex-Offenders?

Talking about Apple, the company is a part of the Ban the Box movement. In this case, the company is going to provide a fair chance to the candidates who are fit for hire.

However, when it comes to the convictions, they should not interfere with the job. Secondly, it also states that the customers should stay safe. Meanwhile, the existing employees should not be put at risk.

Be Prepared for the Interview – Some Tips for Ex-Offenders

For any individual, it is not just straightforward to face the interview. They would rather prepare themselves in advance with some amount of homework done. Similarly, in the case of ex-offenders, they also need to prepare for the interview. In addition to this, they would also make sure to face background check verification.

It is recommended for the felons that they do not hide their past felony conviction. Secondly, they should be aware of what kind of job profile they are applying for.

Look at the useful tips for the felons to be hired at Apple.

  • An individual with the flexibility to working hours is always counted the best
  • Do provide some references to your past felony without hiding the facts
  • If you have a job history, do share it in the resume
  • Make sure to dress properly when you face the hiring managers for an interview
  • It is always better to remain polite and calm while you share the information
  • Good enthusiasm shows that you are serious about the job and are actively participating.
  • Be punctual and this counts

Different Job Profiles to Consider at Apple

Talking about the job profiles, the ex-offenders should be aware of what they are fit for. The job they are applying for should use their skill-set that is good for the organization too. Further, it is all about growth after you have become a part of the organization.

Here we look at some of the entry-level job profiles the ex-felons can consider.

  • Specialist who discover customer needs and provide them the suitable product. The focus should be to convert a visitor into an Apple fan.
  • Sales associate who provides better customer experience by dealing with them. He or she should be able to provide the customers with new deals, offers, and finally sell the product.
  • Inventory specialist who manages the inventory of products. He or she is also responsible to maintain the quality and quantity.

Ending Thoughts

There you are. Working with Apple is a great thing and ex-offenders can make their living. Further, they also get a second chance to return to society. It is all about ex-felons turning into good citizens by becoming employees of the tech giant.

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