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Have you ever wondered whether Costco gives warehouse jobs with felony? This question seems valid, given the abundance of “ban the box” initiatives. Also, Costco, a Fortune 500 company, focuses on its hiring policies.

Being a well-known company, Costco seems like a good place to start your job with (or without) a criminal record. So, starting a job there gives a good and steady start after serving your sentence. Thus, we want to know how open Costco is to hiring ex-felons.

Read on to explore the details of finding warehouse jobs at Costco. Also, get to know here about its background checks and how you can prep for Costco jobs.

How Felon-Friendly Is Costco?

The company contains no program that focuses on hiring ex-criminals. Also, as per some reports, Costco never highlights itself as the advocate of “ban the box.” That means hiring managers at the company can ask you about criminal records even before reaching the final interview. But, they cannot ask questions on past charges during application if their centers fall in states following “ban the box.”

But, their lack of immense support towards “ban the box” never means they never hire felons. Costco possesses a history of hiring felons in the past. Thus, the company seems like a place to search for jobs with felony.

Even employees said in the Indeed portal that they got hired by Costco with a felony. Also, the company hired a candidate with a pending case, which showed up in background checks.

But, felons have poor chances of getting jobs involving cash handling, public interaction, or sensitive data in Costco.

Background Checks in Costco

Like other companies, Costco conducts background checks for every candidate and hires third parties to perform checks.

Also, background checks at Costco can seem heavy. They include drug tests apart from checking criminal records. Also, they conduct checks related to driving records and social information.

Costco checks your references with or without a criminal record. Checking references prove how genuine your references are.

Warehouse Jobs with Felony in Costco

Below are the warehouse jobs in Costco for which you can apply.

  • Warehouse managers
  • Quality analyst
  • Warehouse supervisors
  • Product owner
  • Test Engineer
  • Warehouse Clerk
  • Stocker
  • Technician
  • Warehouse Assistant

The jobs here are permanent and available on a full-time basis. But, ex-felons have fewer chances for the posts of supervisors and managers. For jobs with felony, you can search for entry-level posts.

These posts remove tight norms of background checks available in senior jobs.

Also, starting entry jobs gives you the chance to prove your honesty and dedication. You can work way to the top from junior posts.

Warehouse jobs in Costco can be helpful for felons. The good pay and benefits can help you to have a fresh start.

But, your chance of getting hired depends on the crime nature. That means you have a bad chance of becoming a warehouse staff with a class “A” felony.

Preparing Yourself for Warehouse Jobs with Felony in Costco

  • Never oversell yourself
  • Further, never hide or fabricate your information
  • You can take online courses.
  • That can increase your chances of warehouse jobs at Costco.
  • Also, having community service in your experience can be good.
  • Check for sites like Reddit or Quora to get interview tips.
  • Also, prepare yourself on how to answer interview questions on past records.

Final Thoughts

Jobs with felony are great options in a Fortune 500 company like Costco. In addition, these options give second chance jobs for felons. To increase your chances, you can apply for entry-level jobs in warehouses. So, prepare well for interview questions, but don’t oversell or hide important felony info.

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