With so many beneficial programs, apprenticeships are one of the most productive ones when it comes to ex-offenders. Now, what are these apprenticeship programs mean?

These are basically both full-time jobs and training for advancement at the same time. In other words, when you become an apprentice, you work and earn a paycheck while getting training. Many apprenticeships finish the course successfully with a valid certificate or license that will allow working in any trade.

You must be thinking why apprenticeships?

Well, these are great opportunities to enter high-paying fields when you need them badly. After release, you have the liberty to choose some of the occupations that offer apprenticeships. Mainly these programs are sponsored by employers, labor unions, and associations.

Apprenticeship and Job Training Programs for Felons

Registered Apprenticeship offers a new opportunity and a pathway to a long-lasting career for individuals with a criminal record. It can be a new journey for them towards a great life ahead.

Top jobs that felons can get after training are as below:

  • Skilled trades
  • IT staff
  • Sales representatives
  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Drivers
  • Accounting and finance staff
  • Management executives
  • Machine operators
  • Office staff

Advantages of Apprenticeship Programs: Know in Detail  

Apprenticeships are generally a type of structured training program that gives you an equal chance to work towards a qualification. Without any discrimination, they help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in a chosen industry.

Getting into employment at an earlier stage means there will be lots of potentials for you to progress in your career ahead. Additionally, you begin to earn a good salary after gaining a good experience of knowledge. 

Apprenticeship also gives you fantastic experience in the working world! This training provides you hands-on experience to put your skills into practice and help you gain more confidence in a working environment.

Who doesn’t like earning while learning? That’s right! No student loans, no tuition fees, and you will also get a deep knowledge to brush up your skills. You’ll be paid a salary by your employer, and the government tends to cover the cost of the training for most young people.

You get enormous choices! There are different types of apprenticeships available. Depending upon your interests, you can choose one and work accordingly. So whether you want to make a career in business, sport, marketing, or construction, there’s something for everyone.

Apprenticeships offer a varied learning experience. You won’t have to spend all of your days studying; most of the time you’ll be working at a company. It’s all about learning while doing productive work in the respective industry. You can even gain higher qualifications through apprenticeships that can certainly help you go ahead in your career.

Why Ex-Offenders Should Consider Entering an Apprenticeship Program?

Apprenticeships are an excellent way to learn a set of skills that are in high demand among employers. Moreover, it tends to be ex-offender friendly offering a second chance of employment. And if you’re seriously determined to find a job, entering an apprenticeship may be the way to go.

All programs have different eligibility requirements and guarantee wage slabs. The duration can be one to six years.

In the United States, also like any other country, there are apprenticeship programs in every state. You can learn more about such official apprenticeship programs online. Some statistics show training helps felons get jobs easily.  Moreover, in skilled trades, they can earn a good amount.

The Final Words

One way to earn money while learning an important skill is through an apprenticeship program. Especially, for felons, it is a great opportunity to come up with their best of abilities. There are various recognized apprenticeship occupations in the service, manufacturing, construction, public administration, retail trade, transportation, and utility industries. Examples of some jobs that felons have surely experienced are barbers, correctional officers, vocational nurses, electricians, automotive technicians, etc.

Typically, an apprenticeship program can take from three to six years of training while working. Upon completion of the program, apprentices can earn more per hour depending upon the particular trade. Keeping in mind, the benefits of these programs ex-offenders should search a little and move in the direction of their betterment.

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