Government Programs for Felons have become the most helpful programs. Getting a job after conviction is the hardest challenge for felons. The stigma of conviction can build the toughest challenge to start a new life. Most employers do not want to hire felons, because they feel it is risky for their company and existing employees as well. These situations for felons always push them back and they cannot think what to do for a living.

Therefore, for felons who are struggling a lot to get a job, these government programs provide help with better support. With the help of these programs, felony charges do not affect the employer’s decision.

Government Programs for Felons – Cooperative for Felons Friendly Employer (CoFFE)

The Cooperative for felon’s friendly employer or CoFFE is an organization sponsored by the National Career Development Association (NCDA). This program helps felons as they leave prison and want to start their new life. The organization has a database, which provides a website to search for felon-friendly employers. Further, it maintains a nationwide database of employers who are willing to hire felons for their organization.

Meanwhile, there are other Government Programs for Felons that are able to help the felons find suitable jobs to earn their livelihood.

Government Programs for Felons – Goodwill International comes to the rescue

The Goodwill International Company is here to help the felons who have been prisoners for a long time. They provide services to the felons who are struggling for a job to get back on track. Meanwhile, the company offers them jobs such as donation attendants, loss prevention managers, cashiers, drivers, sales associates, and more.

In addition, if the felons want to learn or train themselves, they can opt for services – basic education classes, basic skill development, occupational skill training, and more. Talking about the Goodwill Company, a non-profit organization that gives a second chance to felons.

States and Local Government Programs for Felons

Many states and local government programs for felons assist the individuals to reintegrate into society. Many state career centers offer job training and placement services for ex-felons. Further, the government program helps ex-felons to blend in with society.

There may be a case when the felons are unable to receive assistance from any government programs. In this scenario, they can opt for getting support from non-government organizations and their programs. Secondly, you may need to leave out your comfort zone and try finding jobs somewhere else that suit you best.

In addition to this, it is always advisable if you get in touch with a professional or a lawyer. He or she can always make sure that the felons end up in a suitable job. Further, they have the appropriate information about the employers and the government laws specifically for the ex-felons.

Fair Chance to Business Pledge

In 2016, the Obama administration in the USA attempted to support ex-felons who are struggling to find jobs. It is because of the fact that the felon individuals deserve a second chance after being released from prison.

More than 100 organizations joined the pledge with a good step to support ex-felons in the right direction. America has more than thousands of people with criminal records and it makes it harder for them to find employment. The aim of a fair chance to business pledge is to help ex-felons.

However, the employers signing the pledge will need to meet few requirements. For example, they would agree to delay asking about the past convictions until the end of the pre-employment process.

In addition to this, the program helps in removing unnecessary barriers – stopping ex-felons from gaining access to employment, education, training, and other basic requirements to succeed in life.


The punishment of committing a crime does not end when a prison sentence is over. The felons are released from incarceration they have almost lost their rights. Further, they have to deal with the stigma of a felony conviction while filling the employment application. Here, the government programs for felons come to their rescue.

As long as individuals with a past criminal record want to work hard, no one can stop them. The programs will surely help them to motivate and get up in life, proceed, and achieve success.

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