If you’re reading this, there’s a decent chance Panera Bread is hiring near you. Naturally, the first question on your mind is: Does Panera Bread recruit felons. Who wouldn’t like want to work in a bakery chain like Panera?

Felons often have a tough time finding reliable, steady employment once they release from prison. While some firms are felon-friendly and believe in giving convicts another chance, others are hesitant to hire felons.

If you’re looking for a place to work as a criminal, Panera Bread is a good option. In Countries both the US and Canada, Panera Bread has over 2,000 outlets and employs over 50,000 people.

The corporation continues to hire new individuals for a range of roles to run so many outlets. However, as a convicted felon, you may be wondering if they will hire someone with a criminal record.

Let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions by felons:

  • Does Panera Recruit Felons?
  • Felonies that have a Hard time Getting Hire
  • Does Panera Conduct Background Check
  • Does Panera Bread Employ People with Misdemeanors?
  • Panera Bread’s Application Process

Does Panera Bread Recruit Felons?

Does Panera recruit felons? Yes, felons are employed by Panera Bread. During our study, we discovered that Panera Bread has previously hired former offenders for numerous positions, according to several web sources.

 They do not, however, have any particular hiring programs for convicts. You must apply in the same manner as any other job seeker. Each application evaluated on its own merits.

 However, the likelihood of a felon hired determined by several factors, including the seriousness of the charge, the length of time since the felony committed, whether you are a first-time or repeat offender, employment abilities, and so on.

 They’re also not on the “Ban the Box” list. On their job applications, they do inquire about felony convictions.

Fill out this application form truthfully, as any information discovered to be false during the background check would almost certainly jeopardize your chances of hired.

Felonies that can make a Hard time Getting Hired

Certain crimes may have a difficult time finding work, depending on the job criteria.

  • Any driving infraction or DUI may make it harder for you to employ if you seek driving job.
  • People with convictions such as theft or assault will also have a harder time getting employed at Panera Bread if the position requires you to handle cash or interact with customers.
  • When compared to repeat offenders, one-time offenders had a better probability of getting hired.

Does Panera Bread Conduct Background Check?

Does Panera recruit felons? And, they also conduct background check. This usually includes a criminal background check and a drug test. If you apply for a delivery job, they may conduct a background check as well.

All charges on your record will be visible in a criminal background check. Driving records reveal any traffic violations, accidents, or DUIs. Any chemical you’ve consumed will show up on a drug test. If your doctor has written you a prescription, you allowed taking it.

Does Panera Bread Employ People with Misdemeanors?

Yes, Panera Bread hires people with misdemeanors. Only felony records are requested on their application. During the interview, you will also have the opportunity to clarify your situation to the recruiting manager.

Panera Bread’s Application Process

Panera’s website allows you to apply online. So, to complete the application procedure, click to see all (category) jobs. And, then find one that interests you and click ‘apply now.’ After that, the website instructs you to provide your name, email address, and resume. 

When applying, an essential thing to remember is to be truthful. As a result, you may not need to disclose your criminal history until the interview. Only a resume required for the application.

Be open and honest about your background during the interview. However, use this opportunity to demonstrate how you have changed your life.

If the application specifies that a cover letter required, be explicit. Panera appreciates hardworking employees. Tell them why you want to work for Panera and what you enjoy eating at their establishment.

You should also include any technical, culinary, or other skill training that you have obtained. This includes any programs you participate in while you’re incarcerated.

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