After a felon is through with his sentence, reintegrating them into society becomes important. So, job placement initiatives and rehabilitation programs have an important role to play in this regard.

The onus lies on society and the governments to forward education, job-seeking skills, and vocational skills to these ex-felons. This will help them overcome the challenges that encounter them.

Each one of us has to work towards the creation of a society where inclusivity and diversity are celebrated while compassion forms the core tenet of the society. In such a society, second chances will be made available for ex-felons. This will work towards ensuring that recidivism rates are exceptionally lower to keep communities safe.

Society has to forward ongoing support for these initiatives in the form of financial investments. When the cycle of crime reduces across the United States, the cycle of reincarceration will also reduce.

 Job Placement Portals for ex-felons and those incarcerated earlier

  1. HIRE Network

If an individual has a criminal record, he can take aid from the HIRE Network to seek information about job opportunities.

  1. Getting Hired

Getting Hired is an organization that partners with employers who express and demonstrate their commitment to inclusive hiring practices. A few of these employers are open to hiring people who were once incarcerated.

  1. CIRCA

As a job-search platform, CIRCA promotes inclusion and diversity in hiring processes. Individuals with a criminal record can also find jobs here.

Job placement and rehabilitation have far-reaching impacts

When job placement initiatives are undertaken and the rehabilitation programs are effective, they not just impact the individuals who were incarcerated earlier, but impact the society as a whole. Let us take a look at the benefits of job placement and rehabilitation:

  1. Lower Recidivism Rates

As per research, if an ex-felon rehabilitates and finds a meaningful job, the individual is less likely to re-offend. This makes communities safer.

  1. Economic Savings

Recidivism rates need to be lower. This way, taxpayers’ money won’t have to be spent on providing justice to the victims and facilities for the sentenced.

  1. Social Integration

If the reintegration of ex-felons into society is successful, the degree of social cohesion will be enhanced. Those incarcerated earlier will also become contributing members of the society.

  1. Family Stability

When rehabilitation support is sufficient and employment is gainful, family relationships enhance for ex-felons and the living conditions become stable. Progeny of ex-felons are also benefitted.

  1. Skill 

Several felons attempt to get vocational training and education when completing their sentences. While the individuals’ employability is enhanced, this works well from the viewpoint of self-esteem and personal growth.


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