If you live in Georgia and are finding it hard to get a white collar job, you are not alone. This, sadly, is the case of many felons around the country—not just Georgia.

But you can still get the white collar job you need. And it all starts with knowing the right roles to apply for. The jobs you will find here have clearly stated requirements. So as long as you have them, you can start applying and secure employment within a short time.

Contract associate

As a contract associate, you will be doing things that will bring in new business for your company. These tasks include preparing tenders, meeting up with clients, producing plans and estimates, etc.

To qualify, you need a bachelors degree and a few years of experience to increase your chances. The salary is quite impressive, as you can make up to $60,000 in a year.

Senior communications manager

In any business or organization, communication is key. This is why companies need a communications manager to ensure the smooth flow of information within the workspace and between the organization and other people.

This is a high-level role, so experience and a bachelor’s degree will be required. You will also need leadership skills as well as a lot of patience. Salary is usually over $80,000 per year.

Operations coordinator

If you like taking charge of things, you will make a good operations coordinator. In any company, this job entails every action you will take to make things run smoothly in every department.

You will be working with a lot of people, especially team leads, so you need to have good interpersonal skills.

To qualify, you may need a bachelor’s degree. But sometimes, if you can prove that you have a good record of experience, you can get the job with a diploma.

IT Analyst

With the recent tech boom, there is hardly any company that can function without an IT department. This is why there are always vacancies for the role of an IT analyst.

If you get this job, you will be developing and maintaining information solutions for your employer. You will handle analysis, maintenance, as well as the enhancement of information systems.

To qualify for this job, you will need a good knowledge of databases, security, and troubleshooting. You also need experience and certification in project management. Salary for this job is around $76,000 per year.

Graphic designer

This is one of those white collar jobs you can get without a degree. You can also work remotely if you want to. After getting proper training online, you can create a good profile and start applying for jobs.

This job does not require you to relate with customers, and you will most likely work with digital marketing teams. Salary should be around $48,000.

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