For many felons that want white collar jobs in Ohio, things are not easy. As they have to continue searching for companies that will accept them and also pay well.

If you fall into this category, you need to stop worrying. There are actually many white collar jobs for felons in Ohio. And you can get a good one that pays well if you know the roles to apply for.

Here are some of the most felon-friendly white collar jobs in Ohio.

Development officer

In any company, the importance of a development officer cannot be overemphasized. They assist, and even lead long and short term planning, and they also come up with ways to raise funds.

Most of the companies that advertise for this role are non-governmental organizations. And it will speak really well of you in the future if you work with such organizations since they are known for good works.

The average salary for this job is $56,000. To qualify, you may need a bachelor’s degree, but experience is always a major advantage. Since this job is linked to fundraising, you may not apply if you were convicted of financial crimes.

Patient care assistant

Some patients need more care than others. So if you get this job as a patient care assistant, you will be doing more than just administering medications. You may have to help patients eat, dress them, bathe them, etc.

To qualify, you will need a high school diploma or its equivalent. But if you want to advance in this career, a bachelor’s degree may be necessary.

In Ohio, patient care assistants are known to make about $35,000 in a year.


Every company needs an accountant for a stable financial department. If you get this job, you will be responsible for the organization, management, and reporting of financial activities in your firm.

To qualify for this job, you will need a bachelor’s degree. Most times, a high school diploma will not be enough. Since this job requires the handling of finance, you may not apply if you were convicted of theft or fraud.

Salary is usually about $72,000.

Retail sales merchandiser

If you get this job, you will most likely work in a retail store. And like all retail stores, someone has to be responsible for the way goods are stocked. You will be the one to stock these items in a defined manner, so that customers will easily identify what they need.

You will also track inventory and report any issues you notice when you do so. Salary for this job is about $32,000 per annum. And to qualify, you only need a high school diploma and previous experience.

Other skills like good communication, basic math, analytical skills, and customer service are also important for this job.

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