When looking for a job as a felon, you will experience difficulties. But in the midst of all that rejection, you can find felon-friendly jobs in Montana. But first, you need to know the jobs that have urgent vacancies there.

The jobs you will see here are decent white-collar jobs that will pay you well and also boost your reputation.

Legal secretary

As a legal secretary, you will work in law firms and carry out administrative tasks. It is more or less like being an office assistant, but this time at a law firm. Therefore, you will need to have excellent oral and written communication skills.

To qualify, you will need to have a high school diploma and any law-related degree. You should understand legal terms and methods very well, and also know how and when to use them.

In Montana, there are urgent vacancies for this role, and you can make up to $57,500 a year.

Development writer

If you’re a skilled writer with a rich portfolio and the appropriate qualifications, you could make over $50,000. But you need to have a certificate in English or communications if you want to be a full-time development writer.

Even if most writers do freelancing, you can do it as a white-collar job and resume at the office in your classy attire. You will be writing grants, editing and proofreading business reports, and overseeing the making of any document the company needs.

Alongside your certifications and writing skills, you should also be a team player. Proficiency in Microsoft Office is a must.

IT Programmer

In Montana, there are vacancies for the post of an IT programmer, and the job pays up to $60,000. Many companies pay higher than that, but it depends on your skills, experience, and level of education.

Your job will entail the development of new systems, modification and enhancement of existing ones, and other IT-related tasks. There is a lot of money and respect attached to this job, and as long as your past crime does not match the job description, you are good to go.

Retail co-manager

Being a co-manager means that you will soon be promoted to store manager. But you need to work with one in order to know how things work in the company.

Felons usually excel in these kinds of jobs, so you have a good chance of getting accepted. To qualify, you should have ample experience in retail management.

You should also be able to make good decisions, as a good leader should. Some companies that advertise this vacancy also state that an applicant should be available for relocation. So if you can relocate, you will be promoted faster.

Salary can be up to $70,000 in a year and as long as you don’t have theft in your record, you can apply.

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