With a felony record, you can still get good and well-paying white collar jobs in the city of Oklahoma. In this article, you will see the roles that are available, the amount of money they will pay you, and the qualifications you need to have in order to qualify.

Data analyst

There are so many places you can work as a data analyst. This is because every type of business needs accurate collection, storage, and use of data to succeed.

To qualify for this job, you should have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, science, or any related field. While a bachelor’s degree is important, you may not need it to get this job.

There are many online courses that can help you become a data analyst. The typical salary for this job is $70,000 per year.

Operations coordinator

In every business or organization, there has to be a smooth flow of affairs in every unit. This is where an operations coordinator comes in, and you need to have good leadership skills for the job.

To qualify, you should be able to negotiate contracts and coordinate budgets to sustain a company’s business. You also need to have a degree and a wealth of experience in order to do this job well.

The salary for the role of operations coordinator is usually around $50,000 a year.


As an auditor, your job will include the collation and analysis of spreadsheet data. You will also calculate financial risks and use the information to help your company make wise decisions.

You will need a degree to qualify for this job. Alongside some important certifications that will give you an edge over other applicants. The salary for the role of an auditor is about $90,000.  

Project manager

For projects to be successful in any establishment, there has to be proper planning. And a project manager is the one responsible for the planning and execution of the projects.

If you get this job, you will work with different teams and coordinate people on the best ways to do things. Every unit has to work according to the stated financial plan, and you will be the one to ensure that.

There are many project management courses online that can help boost your skills. You also need PMP certification as you go higher in your career. A project manager’s salary is usually around $77,000 per year.

Clinical assistant

If you have always wanted to work in the medical field, you will love this job. As a clinical assistant, you will be working closely with patients at the hospital or clinic.

To qualify, you will need to have a minimum of one year of experience and a high school diploma. The salary for this job is around $50,000 per year.

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