In South Carolina, there are many businesses and organizations that hire felons. But if you have been finding it hard to secure a job, it is because you have been applying for the wrong roles.

So, all things being equal, if you apply for the exact positions you find here, you are more likely to get hired. Take note of the ones that are related to your past crimes, and do not apply for such roles.

Retail co-manager

It is no news that felons excel in jobs that entail retail activities. So you will do well in the role of a retail co-manager if you eventually get this job.

Since this is a high-level role, experience is very important. So you should have a bachelor’s degree, some certifications, and a good track record to back yourself up.

To do this job well, you have to be a team player and also possess good leadership skills. The salary is between $61,000 and $65,000. There are also yearly bonuses.

Administrative assistant

To qualify for this job, you need an educational qualification of at least a high school diploma. You also need to be very good at using word and data processing software like MS Word and the like.

The salary is usually above $50,000. And you will be carrying out duties like managing data, preparing presentations, writing reports, and attending to partners and clients.

Part-time cashier

Being a cashier involves receiving and processing payments. If you end up working in a large and busy establishment, it will be a lot of work. That is why you have the option of doing it part time.

This will help you make good money and also learn new skills or get a higher education. Salaries are around $16/hour and you can also get other employment benefits.

With a high school diploma, you’re good enough to apply. But if you have been convicted of a crime that involves theft or fraud, it is best to avoid this job. This is because it is related to the handling of finance, which makes it too close to the nature of the said crime.

Holiday clerk assistant

To get this job, you need to be able to pass a drug test. A fingerprint clearance will also be carried out, alongside the usual background checks before employment.  

This vacancy is from the United States Postal Service. And they will pay you $19.62 per hour.

If you get this job, you will do the regular tasks that clerks are known for. You will also perform sales and customer service duties from time to time.

The criminal background check for this job will go back five years. This is two years shorter than the average company, which increases the chances for more felons.

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