Resume Writing Myths – Searching for the ideal job you’ve always wanted and establishing a successful career is never easy. The whole process requires hard work and prayers.

The most significant component of getting the right job is creating a suitable resume that will increase your chances of landing your dream job. There is a wealth of material available on the internet on how to write a resume.

But the problem is that many of those websites carry false information about resume writing or are completely unrelated to the current trend.

As a result, many job seekers who follow their rules fail to land a job despite having suitable qualifications.

To avoid all such mistakes mentioned in various unreliable sources, you should know these seven most common mistakes.

Resume Writing Myths – Do Not Believe These to Get a Job!

Myth 1: Adding your entire job history

Yes, it is a good idea to provide a clear concept about your experience; nevertheless, you do not need to provide your whole career history on your resume.

This is because discussing unrelated experiences to the present employment post would reduce your chances of getting the job.

It is preferable to include relevant employment experience for the position you are looking for, emphasizing the most recent five years. 

Myth 2: Sending a similar resume to everyone

Sending the same resume may be time-saving, but this can reduce your hiring chances. It would be best for you to customize your resume for different job postings to perfect the company’s requirements.

Myth 3: Resume tone should be general to enhance your chance of getting hired

A precisely customized and appropriate resume is the only one that will get you an interview and a job offer. Instead of providing a generic one, a candidate should conduct an extensive study to determine the necessary abilities.

Furthermore, research will assist you to understand more about the job target’s knowledge, experience, and study qualification. All of this information may be utilized to tailor a resume. 

Myth 4: You must not include social media information

Because most hiring managers will look at your publicly accessible social media profiles, including them in your resumes is a good suggestion. You should specifically provide a link to your LinkedIn page.

Simply ensure that your social media accounts are consistent and professional. The information on your LinkedIn page should match your resume – double-check those dates of employment and other crucial details to make it similar.

Myth 5: Lying on the resume is OK

Never forget honesty is the best policy. A resume is about proving the actual data. Do not make your accomplishment fancier or exaggerate them.

It only values your integrity to the employer’s eye, and you can show the same thing by your honesty and forthright in your document.

Many businesses will use third-party agencies to do background checks on prior employment. So, it is best that you never lie on your resume.

Myth 6: PDF format is better than MS Word format

Though PDF can also be a good format, you can’t just discard that MS Word is also a perfect one.

On the other hand, PDF format sometimes prevents keyword scanning software that picks critical information from your resume that allows you to be found or captured. So, it’s also good if you are using MS Word format. 

Myth 7: You must persevere

Getting a new job demands patience, but it doesn’t imply you should call the firms immediately after application. If they don’t call right after you apply, give it some time and then contact them again in a few weeks.

If they do not hire you, request an internship. And if none of it works, there are other options in the market.

Furthermore, if you do not have a job, you may utilize your free time to take classes, volunteer, or learn new skills that will help you improve your resume.

Winding Up

Now you know some of the most common myths related to resume writing that will help you write a perfect resume and get the job of your dream. What are you waiting for? Start building a resume or let the ReeCareer professionals create resume for you!

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