Are felons eligible to become recovery agents? – It is always a fact that the felons released from prison look for a stable life. They look for a better career that gives them livelihood along with being a part of society. However, it becomes a challenge for the felons to get their dream job, being hired at a good company, and so on.

Here, we highlight felons eligible to become recovery agents. However, first, let us know who is a recovery agent.

Are Felons Eligible to Become Recovery Agents – Know the Duties

The recovery agent is responsible to recover or repossess the property from an individual who was unable to pay the rent on time. Here, the property relates to a vehicle, car, truck, etc. Furthermore, the agent has the authority to legally possess the property.

For example, the recovery agent can use a crane to tow away cars and other vehicles. He or she is also responsible to fetch the duplicate keys and drive the vehicles away to a secure place.

Felons eligible to become recovery agents need to have proper training and education. They also need to possess good skills to take the responsibility of a recovery agent or a repo agent.

Talking about the recovery agencies, the recovery agents work closely with them just like banks, or credit unions. Furthermore, every state in the USA has different laws when it comes to the recovery of property. If an individual is unable to provide the complete payment on time, the agents take the property back.

Felons Eligible to Become Recovery Agents Require These Skills

As a felon, you can take up the job of a recovery agent. However, you need to possess the skills in undertaking the duties assigned. Look at the skills required for this job.

  • Felons should have the communication skills to deal with the property owner
  • They should possess research skills. It helps in gaining information about the property – address, phone number, license, and registration, etc
  • Felons should have the ability to track down the property whose recovery is to be done
  • Able to towing vehicles, especially cars, and taking them to a secure location
  • Felons should be able to manage the time accordingly
  • Managing records of the recovered property, vehicle, car, etc

Felons Eligible to Become Recovery Agents – Training & Education

Recovery agents themselves need not take up the responsibility of a license. It is because the recovery companies ensure the same as per the state. The recovery agents under a company can make use of that license to take proper action.

Talking about training and education for the felons, it is mandatory to take up the job of a recovery agent. Here, we look at the pre-requisites of becoming a recovery agent or a repo agent.

  • The felons should be of the age 18 years old or above
  • State laws about licensing and repossession of the property should be well versed by the felons
  • A felon can obtain a specific license based on the state he or she resides in
  • As the individual is a felon, the driving record should be clear
  • A towing vehicle is required to securely move the repossessed vehicles

Career Opportunities for Felons Eligible to Become Recovery Agents

The individuals who have committed a felony look for better career opportunities. However, to take up the job of a recovery agent, they need to ensure a clean record. Further, there should be no criminal convictions that can lead to disqualifying the candidate.

Secondly, during the background check process, if the felony is revealed to a person, he or she can be put back in jail. According to this, the candidates should ensure honesty while sharing their past activities.

The job of a recovery agent demands honesty to become successful in life. Further, with a clean record, everything will work smoothly.

Felons Unable to Expunge Records – Find Alternatives

To be hired as a recovery or repo agent, the felons need to make sure of a clean record. For this purpose, they can also opt for expungement. However, at times, the same may not be applicable as per state laws. During such a scenario, the felons can seek alternatives such as a pardon, or certificate of rehabilitation or innocence.


So, you have known much about how felons with a clean record get hired as recovery agents. For a fresh start to a career, a clean record will take the journey to next level. With much success achieved in the end, the felons as recovery agents can work in Marine, Aviation companies too. It is a dignified way to lead life thereby earning the livelihood.

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