Are felons eligible to work for the federal government? – Talking about this question, you would think that felons are unable to take up a government job. However, the truth is that anybody including a felon can get a job with the federal government.

Secondly, for hiring felons, the federal government has to take into consideration many factors. These factors can be many restrictions for the felons, or regulations that enforce some guidelines.

Meanwhile, the federal government does offer lucrative offers to felons. These offers include employment benefits for specific positions. However, some felon individuals avoid taking up government jobs, as they want to stay away from the government.

Are Felons Eligible to Work for the Federal Government?

Taking into consideration the employment opportunities for felons, the federal government has strict guidelines. Similar to the private sector companies, the government has adopted the same policy. This policy states that felons should not be rejected just based on the conviction.

For the job position, a felon can apply just as a normal candidate would apply. However, being a felon, some of the job opportunities might not be available for you. Furthermore, the authorities decide a particular position, and whether the felon is the right candidate.

Are Felons Eligible to Work for the Federal Government? – Hiring process

When it comes to the hiring procedure, it is a step-wise method. For the felons to take up a government job, they need to follow these steps. Here, we look at the same.

Step 1

The first step is where all the candidates should visit LOGIN.GOV for applying for the jobs. He or she will create an account by sharing as many details as they can. Thereafter, the candidate needs to register as a government job applicant.

Step 2

Once the candidate has registered on the portal, they can easily look for all government jobs online. If the candidate wants to filter the preferred jobs, they can click on them and check out the details. However, before applying for any specific job, they need to check the eligibility criteria. By checking this, the felons ascertain that they are the right fit candidate and the job is suitable.

Step 3

As the candidates log in to the portal and share their information. They also require uploading their updated resume online. It can also include uploading the supporting documents that a specific job demands. Failing to provide all the documents as required can end up in the rejection of the application online.

Step 4

Based on different job positions, the federal government has set up questionnaires. Candidates need to answer them if they want to validate their job applications.

Step 5

The candidates can check the status of their online application. For this purpose, you need to follow all the previous steps and upload documents as required. The filling of correct information is advisable, as it will not end up in disambiguity. Later, the candidate receives a notification from the hiring manager. It is an indication that the online application is submitted and received successfully.

Step 6

A candidate is lucky if their application gets short-list for the next round. Here, they will be called for the interview process. The interview process is a set of two rounds – one is the telephonic round, and the second is a personal face-to-face round.

Step 7

After clearing the interview rounds, the candidate has to give the consent for background check process. During the background check process, everything is revealed about the felon individual, the history, and other related information. The information is tallied with the information shared by the candidate. If everything is normal, the hiring manager provides the candidate with an offer letter and joining documents.

Are Felons Eligible to Work for the Federal Government? – Job Positions

When it comes to hiring felons, they are not given the job of handling administrative tasks. However, they are recruited for entry-level jobs with basic responsibilities. Further, the felons are hired in government jobs that do not interact with the public. These positions do not take into consideration the critical security factors.

Secondly, the felons can look at the below mentioned jobs. They will be easily being appointed for the same.

  • Warehouse executive or cleaning staff
  • Job of a driving assistant to a high-rank government official
  • Maintenance staff in the government office


When it comes to government jobs, they provide additional safety, security, as well as stability. Felons getting the job should feel lucky, as it is a turning point for them. Furthermore, the government jobs help felons to gradually forget old memories about their crimes. They also get better pay, compensation, as well as health benefits.

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