FedEx, one of the largest American multi-national delivery servicing companies has no issue with you being a felon in the past. Majority of the population presumes that FedEx being a Multi-national Corporation does not hire felons. This is just a misconception and FedEx hires felons.

Getting employment at FedEx is a dream comes true for many. And, if you are getting a job there, consider yourself super-lucky!

FedEx is a company with more than 600,000 employees worldwide, and the brand name is famous for its ultimate speed and amazing services.

Does FedEx Hires Felons? – Check Out!

The answer is YES!

FedEx hires felons with no discrimination.

FedEx and their employment policies do not discriminate against individuals with a criminal record in the past. Equal job opportunities are there for all job applicants from around the world.

No doubt, many factors ask for consideration when hiring employees, and FedEx pays strict attention to several points. However, it is mandatory as employees are going to be the face of the company.

As per the nature of business, FedEx employees handle packages of buyers and sellers from around the world. That makes complete verification a mandatory process because it will impact the company’s brand image.  

The company has a history of employing individuals with criminal background. So, if you have the right skills and experience for active job openings, feel free to apply.

Working at FedEx after Felony Conviction – Is it the Right Choice?


You are getting job in a company that never discriminates against ex-cons. FedEx is a brand with global presence providing delivery, e-commerce, transportation, and other business services. So, if you get a job at FedEx, go for it and deliver your best.

FedEx offers a plethora of services and their businesses are not limited to delivery only.

Applying for FedEx gives you multiple options, including:

  • Freight
  • Logistics
  • Supply Chain
  • Express
  • Ground
  • Office, and more

If you consider yourself the best fit for jobs at FedEx or other divisions, check for the active job openings here

Does FedEx Hires Felons? – Is Getting a Job that EASY!  

Background checks are no surprise if you are looking for employment in that big company. The FedEx hiring managers will surely conduct a background check before giving your application a green signal. This is because the company wishes to hire the best candidates for any of their jobs and skipping the background checks can create an issue later.

However, getting job at FedEx is not that easy as it seems, especially if you have a criminal history. Multiple factors ask for consideration while checking whether you qualify for FedEx job or not.

Some of the factors that the hiring managers will check are:

  • Nature of crime
  • How long ago you committed a crime
  • Personality while applying for the job
  • Details from background check
  • Single conviction or repeat offender
  • Relation of crime with the specific job title

Keep in mind all these factors before applying for the job.

In addition to this, individuals with recent convictions are not welcomed at FedEx. The chances of you getting a job are higher if your last felony is at least 5 years old.

You might not get your dream job position at FedEx in the initial stages or even later. that’s because the most possible job openings for felons at FedEx are Driver, Package Handler, Delivery Executive, Freight Operations, and more. However, the nature of crime will decide whether you are getting the job or not.

For example, if you have DUI (Driving Under Influence) or car theft history, getting job as a Driver or Delivery Executive might not be possible.

Background Checks and Interview at FedEx

FedEx also conducts a background check to scrutinize criminal history of all selected candidates before the interview. It’s true that the final applicants will have to go through strict background checks depending on the state they live in.

Many states follow a 7-year felony check criterion, which means that the companies won’t be able to access your criminal history if the felony is more than 7 years old.

However, staying honest about your felony conviction during the interview would certainly help. The hiring managers will check your trustworthiness during the interview prior to giving you the green shot for the job.   

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