Does Aldi Supermarket Hire Felons? – Aldi is a worldwide discount grocery chain. Presently Aldi has more than ten thousand stores worldwide. This grocery store is the most popular choice to get a job because they pay better than the other grocery stores. Also, they provide employee health care and provision of vacation to the staff members.

Aldi always chooses their employee carefully. The staff of the grocery store should be trustworthy, honest, and always care for the customers. Because of this reason, Aldi may deny hiring felons. But there are few scenarios in which a felon can apply in Aldi supermarket.

Does Aldi Supermarket Hire Felons? – The Job Application Process

Yes, Aldi supermarket hires Felons. However, each job application is treated individually. It also depends upon the nature of crime when the crime occurs, but if you have some prior convictions then you may not be hired.

Aldi made a clear statement on how job applications with a felony are considered. Aldi Company will comply with state & federal laws when hiring new staff.

Also, they clarify that, if you have a felony in your past, it doesn’t affect your job application. Aldi will consider the crime and how long ago it occurred and felony history.

Things You Should Know Before Applying at Aldi Supermarket

Aldi does not support any special program for felons. However, Aldi Supermarket hires felons, if they want to work, then they have to apply in an official way. They require clearing the interview round, background test, and drug test.

Background test is extremely important for the safety of the business and other staff. Aldi conducts background checks on all the employees. The background will be according to the requirements of local and state law. If the state laws are harsh towards felons then it may be difficult to find a job at Aldi Supermarket.

The drug test is mandatory in Every Aldi supermarket. A job applicant will be directly facility close by where an applicant gives a urine or swab test. Without a drug test, you cannot become an Aldi supermarket employee.

There are several criminal offences are there, which Aldi find difficult to feat. Conviction such as sexual abuse, theft, fraud and assault. Because staff may be handling the credit cards, products, money and that were convicted of related crimes may not be hired to fill these job applications. Moreover, people with sex-related convictions may not hire because they may be dangerous for children and adults customers.

If you want to increase your chances to get a job in Aldi supermarket then the conviction must be more than 7 years old. The severity of the offence and repeated incidences can affect your chances of being hired. 

How to Apply Successfully at Aldi?

Make sure you meet the qualification for the position you won’t fill. If you have experience or valuable skills then it will increase your chances of being hired at Aldi.

If somehow you are not match with the job requirements, then start with the entry-level positions. Additionally, take the company’s training programs and rise. 

You should update your resume and have a well-written cover letter. It can tell the interviewer about you and your experience. In the cover letter, highlight your skills and mention why you are suitable for the Aldi supermarket.

Moreover, explain how your skills and experience can utilize for their stores. Most importantly, before going to the interview, read about the page of the Aldi website and use this while writing how you can be valuable for them and can help the company fulfill its aims.    

While interviewing, answer with honesty. Aldi supermarket has a really strict background check. So, you should need to answer all the questions and fill all the forms accurately. If you are not honest about your past then it will definitely reveal in the background check then you will miss the chance to get a job.

Always make a good first impression while interviewing. Dress properly, and speak with confidence. You may question about your felony past so give an answer carefully. But don’t explain too much about the conviction, instead of explain how you have changed yourself. Also, explain that you have knowledge that can be beneficial for their company.


If you have a conviction in your past, Aldi Supermarket hires felons. You can change your life if you get a job in a reputed company. So, be always honest about your past. Also, if you are not fit for few positions then start with entry-level job and gain trust.

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