Does Union Pacific hire felons? – Union Pacific mainly deals in the transportation of different items through railroads. They help businesses with shipping throughout the country.

Union Pacific does hires felons in specific cases and offers decent pay, so it is an ideal choice for ex-criminals who want to start new and aren’t afraid of rejections.

Things to Know about Union Pacific before an Interview

Union Pacific was founded in 1862, and it is a significant player in the transportation sector. It helps ship agricultural products, food, industrial chemicals, coal, and more.

Thomas C. Durant pioneered the construction of the railroad. He was the vice president of Union Pacific. It covers 32000 miles of railroad track and employs 42,000 workers to ensure smooth operations.

Also, the company offers health insurance and prescription insurance along with 401K and retirement planning. Maternity/paternal leave is available for the employees.

Lastly, the company offers growth opportunities in terms of training sessions to improve the quality of work. 

Does Union Pacific Hire felons?

As per the online research, it appears that Union Pacific does not hire felons. Also, some sources claim that Union Pacific does not hire individuals with a felony on their records.

However, hiring practices may vary for every location. The worst outcome is getting no as an answer; still, you must try! Finally, there is a chance that if the felony is quite a few years old, you still get the job you want in the company.

Union Pacific does perform background checks. But, it is possible for them to only refer to the past seven years’ records, including past convictions or misdemeanor offenses. 

Background checks occur well before hiring. Hence, people with a long history of clean records with charges in the past can still apply for jobs at Union Pacific and have a chance.

What Job Opportunities Are Available In Union Pacific?

Union Pacific employs over 42,000 people in a range of job responsibilities. They provide a range of different jobs, where some require skilled labor, while others are more entry-level.

While trying to find jobs at Union Pacific, it is best to look for any entry into the company as it does offer the opportunity to grow over time.

Some of the job profiles to consider include mechanical service, track laborer, customer care and support, and crew dispatcher. 

Learn About the Various Job Profiles

If you do not know where you fit in the various job profiles, here is a brief description of some available jobs.

1. Mechanical Service Operators

They are responsible for the movement of locomotives to tracks after the service. It may include forklift operations and manual labor.

2. Track Labourers

This job profile includes the building of railroad tracks. It needs a worker to repair the train tracks.

3. Customer Care & Support

This job profile is more on the administrative side of the business. Job responsibilities are dealing with complaints and answering questions. 

4. Crew Dispatcher

Crew dispatcher is responsible for dispatching trains. They are also responsible for posting the crew and workers to their jobs.

Moreover, it has a range of internships, where some include administrative training and others focus on environmental issues. Students can also apply for the opportunity of internship.

How to Apply at Union Pacific?

Firstly, the candidate must find the job openings online. You can check the listings to find the relevant jobs. You can also use Union Pacific career option to find the most appropriate job for you.

Here, the application process is generally long and tedious. Hence, the applicant must take the time to fill out as many details as possible with minimal errors.

As Union Pacific does run background checks, it is ideal for the applicants to mention any criminal history upfront. Also, some positions require skilled labor, warranting the need for people with appropriate college degrees or a skilled trade.

To avoid wasting time, you must only apply for the jobs you are eligible for. There are several entry-level jobs available within the company; it does have something for everyone.


Overall, Union Pacific isn’t precisely the ideal company for ex-felons. They aren’t supportive of second chances for ex-offenders, and hence many aptly skilled people do not apply for a job there. However, as rejections are part of the process when trying to get a job, it is best to try anyway. 

Union Pacific hires felons as they only run background checks for seven years. However, it’s still worth a shot because they offer excellent pay and other benefits. But, this company cannot be your only choice.

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