When a felon starts looking for a job, their greatest fear is whether the company will do a background check. While this fear is valid, it should not exist in the first place because it does not necessarily disqualify you.

That a company is even doing background checks is a sign that they are looking for the best. So, if you have the right skills and know that you are good enough for the job, apply!

Getting your reputation back after a felony conviction is indeed very hard. But if you get a job with AT&T, it will be easier to attract respect from people. This is why you should not give up when trying to get a job with them.

What does AT&T look for during background checks?

There is no way to avoid AT&T background checks when you apply to work with them. But a criminal record is not the only thing they look for while checking your records.

So if they discover you are clean in every other way, this could work in your favor.

AT&T is known to hire felons. They don’t discriminate when it comes to giving jobs, and the roles are earned chiefly on merit. So when they carry out a background check, it is not to disqualify you from being convicted.

After you give permission for a background check, AT&T will look for criminal records. And will also go through it to vet some or all of the following:

Your credit history

Employment history

Driving records

Drug test results

Educational background

Vehicle registration

and sex offender information.

If you have a sex offense on your criminal record, AT&T may not employ you.

How long does the background check take?

AT&T actually focuses more on drugs and the nature of the crime you plead guilty to. So after you give them permission for a background check, it won’t take long before they get back to you.

Typically, it can take between three and seven business days for AT&T to carry out a background check. But they may not get back to you until about two weeks have passed.

AT&T follows state and federal laws before hiring felons. They’ll also check your records for a period of seven years instead of the five years that they normally do.

AT&T may not give you the job you prefer

This is true for many companies that hire felons in every state. As long as your offense is connected to the job you’re asking for, they may not give it to you. But they will still give you a job that they consider suitable.

For sex offenders, they may not get a job with AT&T at all. But if you have that on your record, you are encouraged to apply anyway. Just don’t make this company your only option, especially if you are fresh out of jail.

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