Do you love shopping? Yes, and you mostly visit the best store that is near to your location. How about Best Buy? It is one of the best appliance and technology retail stores in the USA. The company is providing job opportunities for felons, but is it a challenge or not, we take into consideration some aspects.

Working at such a reputed company is a big task for the average individual. However, when it comes to felons, it can be a challenging task. Things such as past criminal records, background checks, documentation can become obstacles.

Job Opportunities for Felons – Best Buy Hiring Policy

Talking about the hiring policies of Best Buy, there is not much about how they consider felons. However, the company gives equal job opportunities for felons. There is no discrimination against whosoever is the employee.

When it comes to hiring felons in the past, the company has a record of it. This thing makes it easier for candidates with a criminal record to get a job at Best Buy. However, it is not an easy task of hiring felons and they can secure their job. It depends on some factors, which surely ask for consideration.

Furthermore, the company does not reveal its hiring policy to the public. However, Best Buy considers hiring felons, and ensures the employees prove their worth on the job.

What about Job Opportunities for Felons with Misdemeanors?

As we talked about the hiring policy of the company, they do hire felons. Now, when it comes to an individual with misdemeanors, the company ensures a proper background check. This comes under the hiring procedure, as the people with criminal records need to undergo a test.

Job Opportunities for Felons – Special Hiring Programs

Some companies provide an initiative to hire the best-fit candidates. This program includes hiring felons with a past criminal record. Giving a second chance to the felons will help them to engage with society. Further, they can earn their livelihood and thus stay away from committing crimes once again. However, Best Buy does not offer such programs, but their hiring policies make way for hiring felons.

Apart from the special hiring programs, Best Buy does indulge in offering entry-level jobs. The job opportunities for felons can be dividing into two segments.

As a customer service professional

Here, the felons take the job of helping customers thereby addressing queries. Further, the departments are different, so as per the requirements different duties can be assigned. Talking about the working hours, they can be day shifts or night shifts.

Working at the warehouse

Warehouse jobs are different from customer service jobs, and it requires the individual to be active. It includes all kinds of back-end jobs such as unloading and loading the trucks, taking care of the merchandise, and much more. A lot of physical stamina is required to carry out such work. Furthermore, the working hours can vary as per store operations.

Getting Hired at Best Buy with Felony

The first thing a candidate, not only felons should do is to make a perfect resume. It should be by the job applying for. Best Buy hiring managers will ensure that the candidate is the best fit for the particular job.

After you submit the application to the hiring manager, the next process starts. The next step is the interview round where the candidate should be prepared. It is advisable to be mentally as well as physically active, dress properly, and wear sober colors.

The interview round can include questions or insights about the job. The candidate should be well versed in the same. Secondly, dummy questions also form a part of the interview round, and candidates should prepare to answer them. Being a felon, it is advisable to take a mock test. You do not want to be disqualified because you have a felony on your record.

Most important thing is to stay honest and share everything as per facts. You cannot lie at the interview, as the background checks will reveal it all. If so, the felons can end up in disqualification or even be sent back to prison. Do make sure the felons have done the homework, and know much about Best Buy and its operations. It is rightly said that if a candidate knows everything about the company, half the work is done.

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