When attempting to get the finest rent-to-own property in the town, timing has to be the critical factor that concerns you. If one is going to consider the most in-demand properties being given out by the most established property managers for this arrangement, they have the advantage on their side. The odds of your application being rejected will be higher.

Your chances will be higher in the bid only when the leverage begins to demolish from the listing side. This happens when a reasonably long time has passed since the property was listed, but it is yet to be rented out. 

It is at this point that you can expect a homeowner to panic. At times they reduce the listing price, and at other times, they take the listing away from the market altogether. 

At times, the homeowners are in a bid to sell a property, which while not being their primary residence, takes away hundreds of dollars in taxes each month.

If a landlord that you contact is facing these circumstances, he’d be more than delighted to write a rent-to-own agreement for you. One can expect leniency in background checks to come into the picture.

In the real estate business, rent to own is a commonplace arrangement, primarily because both parties are happy in this case. The homeowner is nearly assured that he’ll be able to sell his property one day. In the meantime, he’d get regular rental payments that not just meet but may exceed his expenses. 

Similarly, from a tenant’s viewpoint, he’d ultimately be able to own a house. When affordability is a concern, rent to own is the arrangement to go ahead with. When the time is right, you get to purchase your home.

Now, when a landlord comes to realize that you’d ultimately buy his property, flexibility with your application will naturally come into the picture. Similarly, when a tenant realizes that he will own the property one day, he’ll take care of the house, be nice to the neighbors, and maintain good terms with the landlord.

Another important advantage comes into the picture with the rent-to-own arrangement. A portion of your monthly rent accrues towards your eventual down payment. When the time to purchase arrives, the tenant will be stress-free. 

Buying the home is also not a mandatory arrangement here. It is just an option available at the tenant’s discretion.

Rent to own becomes a particularly lucrative arrangement when you’d prefer a few years’ time, such that your credit score improves and getting a mortgage simplifies. So, before one goes through the rent-to-own arrangement, it is preferable that one gets pre-approved for a mortgage. 

By getting pre-approved, you are demonstrating to your landlord that you are a capable and serious buyer. It will also make you assured that when the contract ends, you’ll be able to buy the property.

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