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Restrictions for convicted felons – When we talk about felonies, it is not a good thing. The individuals engaged in a felony face restrictions in every occupation. Further, the set of rules state the activities they can perform or not. Here, the individuals need to take care of the things that can put them back in prison.

With all of these restrictions, felons are not allowed to carry a gun. However, what if a convicted felon is caught with a gun or firearm? What kind of charges will they face? Let us know more in the next section.

Restrictions for convicted felons – Losing fundamental rights

We already talked about what the felons face after their conviction. Further, the fundamental rights are almost lost by the individuals engaged in a felony. Meanwhile, look at what restrictions are imposed on them.

  • The individuals convicted of a felony cannot take up their favorite jobs
  • Because of the felony, these individuals cannot enjoy their vacation. It impacts their family life too
  • Carrying a gun or a firearm is restricted for the convicted felons. It holds true for the fact when the crime was of a violent nature.

Restrictions for convicted felons – Guidelines to follow

The state and the federal government see convicted felons differently. They often think that these felons can commit crimes once again, even after being released from prison. Therefore, in order to control them, some measures or guidelines are taken into consideration. It helps in protecting others as well as preventing the felons to repeat the crime.

Talking about the laws, they may vary from a state to another state. Further, the guidelines also state that felons cannot possess a gun or a firearm. Meanwhile, some states have liberal laws and do not consider carrying a gun as illegal. However, if an individual possesses a gun for his or her own protection, it is not considered a punishment.

Restrictions for convicted felons – Face the consequences

Keeping in mind the considerations mentioned above, what if the felon is caught with a gun? Based on the restrictions for convicted felons. They face the following consequences

  • The felon will be arrested if he or she is found with a gun or a firearm. The authorities will not check whether the individual carries a license or not.
  • Felons can go back to prison, as they are restricted to use any kind of firearm. It depends on the serious penalties putting the felon into prison for 2-3 years
  • Furthermore, based on the penalties the felon’s sentence can extend up to a total of 25 years or more
  • The felons have to face criminal charges, fines along with other kinds of punishment
  • Based on the previous conviction where the felon was restricted to carry a gun. Now, being caught with a gun will make them undergo severe punishments.
  • Some states that have flexible guidelines do not often put second convictions on felons. Talking about New York, the felons found with a gun will automatically put them in prison
  • Felons caught with firearms get a chance to plea in order to reduce the charges. Further, they can get probation if granted depending on the state or federal government
  • Carrying a gun and walking along the streets can pose threat to the public. A serious action is taken on the individuals if found this way

Restoring rights to possess firearms – Is it possible?

We talked about the strict laws, restrictions, as well as guidelines of possessing firearms. However, is there a chance the felons can get to possess them once again? It purely depends on the state government or the federal government. However, is there any chance of getting this thing restored?

Yes, there is a chance to possess firearms once again. It is only when the individual got his or her records expunged. However, that does not come at an instant; the felons have to follow some rules. Look.

  • The felons have to maintain a clean record as they wait for the rights to approve
  • Sentence or probation should be served properly
  • Gun laws are taken differently as per the state or federal system. Because of this, the felon may get approval from the state, but not from the federal government
  • Felons can appoint an attorney for them to gain the rights back. These attorneys can guide them in restoring the rights to possess firearms


Possessing a firearm or a gun for an average person is fine. Make sure they have the license for it. However, restrictions for convicted felons do not allow them to possess guns. Further, they do not want to go back to prison, so it is better to get in touch with an attorney. Expungement of records can work at times for showing clean records.

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