There are friendly jobs in North Carolina for felons. The state has decent felon laws, so you can work for a reputable company and earn a good income despite your past.

Instead of just applying based on random information, use these available positions to make your plans. If you do not have the required skills or experience for a role, don’t disqualify yourself. There are better ways to go about these things.

As long as your past crime is not linked to the job description, apply for the entry-level post and climb to the top from there.

Operations manager

As an operations manager, you will be in control of how activities are carried out in the company. You will work closely with executives as well as leaders of various teams.

Since this is a high-level role, experience is a major requirement. You also need modern IT skills in order to create support systems. This will require extra training on your end. So if you don’t already have these skills, you can always learn them.

The salary for this kind of job is usually well above $60,000.

Peer support specialist

A peer support specialist is someone who has been trained to help people who are going through crises. This crisis could be drug addiction, trauma, or any other issue that affects their mental health.

As a felon, this is the perfect job for you because you have been through the same thing. In fact, experience with these kinds of things is a requirement for this job. When you speak, you can use your past as an example to encourage people.

People will also feel at home with you and open up more because they feel you can connect with their struggles.

This job pays well, as you can make up to $70,000 a year. Even if you find a temporary post, apply for it. You will get better positions as time goes on.

Production manager

Every manufacturing company needs a good production manager. If you get this job, you will be in charge of how things are done during the production process.

To avoid shortages, poor output, disorganization, and many other issues, a production manager has to ensure compliance with policies. You could be making over $75,000 with this job, which is very good pay.

To qualify, you need a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. Ample experience will also be an advantage.

Operations data analyst

If you are good at math, data analysis will be good for you. From raw data collection, you will be able to bring out useful information that your company can use.

Though a degree is important, your skills and certifications take precedence. So make sure you get work authorization and other important certifications. This job can get you over $70,000 per annum.

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