White Collar Jobs for Felons in Washington ­– Millions of people get convinced of crime every year in the USA. There is a lot of baggage that comes with having a criminal record.

Life is difficult for felons, even after they have served their sentence. Landing a job is the real struggle. Many applicants feel de-motivated in such a situation and are forced to return to their old life of crime. 

List of White Collar Jobs for Felons in Washington 

It may be difficult but not impossible to get a fresh start. Things have changed in the last couple of years. There has been a change in way corporate world works, ever since global pandemic struck. Shortage of employees had a significant impact on the companies and how recruiters work. 

Many HR professionals have decided to look past the history of candidates and hire them, on basis of their skills and experience. However, the applicant should have a rehabilitation certificate and previous experience of the job they are applying for.

Let’s have a look at some high-paying white-collar jobs in Washington.

R&D Engineer/Designer 

Green Canopy NODE is a real-estate developer company in Seattle, Washington. They are offering a remote R&D designer/engineer position whose job role is to understand and develop solutions across multiple construction trades.

Previous experience in building or construction industries is the primary preference. It is a full-time working position from Monday to Friday with an annual salary ranging from $75,000 – $130,000. Sometimes the employees might have to work over time. 

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Field Associate 

Green Canopy NODE is offering yet another position of ‘Field Associate’ in their Construction Company. This job will require regular traveling and driving.

Interested candidates should have a registered driving license. As a Field Associate, the job role would be driving the company’s truck to project sites to collect and transfer construction waste to the recycling center. Other duties will be compiling construction materials lists, gathering materials, and delivering them to the project site.

It is a full-time working position from Monday to Friday. Employees’ hourly wage will range from $20-$24, and they will also get a Monthly Technology stipend of $50.

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Inside Sales Representative 

It is a job position from Focus LLC in Vancouver, Washington. This company provides Facebook and Google Advertising for small to medium-sized businesses. Sales representative job role will be to attend phone calls to answer customers’ queries. It would be an 8 hours long shift from Monday to Friday.

If the candidate is selected, they will be provided training alongside the job for brushing up their skills. Salary will range from of $70,000 – $100,000! Also, there will be uncapped commissions for outstanding performances.

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Call Center Sales Representative 

‘Sendit Marketing’ provides distinctive advertising and marketing solutions for businesses across the US and Canada. The job responsibility is to answer customer calls, listen to their concerns, and solve problems.

Location of office is Vancouver, Washington. It would be an 8 hours shift from Monday to Friday with an annual salary that will range from $60K-$130K. Not to forget commissions for good performance and achieving targets.

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Manufacturing Specialist 

‘Pallet, Square Peg & Weld’ is an organization dedicated to reducing homelessness. They have provided shelters to more than half a million people across the United States. Their durable, portable, and affordable shelters are stepping stone out of personal crisis and into a life of stability.

Currently, they are hiring a “Manufacturing Specialist” to join their team and provide roofs to more people. This full-time position is based in a manufacturing shop in Everett, Washington. Work involves manufacturing standard, cost-effective finished products for creating quality homes.

The selected employee will have to go through 3 months of training before starting as a full-time Manufacturing specialist. They can learn how to use tools like saws, drills, wrenches, and screwdrivers during this course time. Interested employees must be willing to take and pass a pre-employment drug test. Employees can earn $20 – $21 an hour.

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Reecareer understands that it can be intimidating to re-enter the workforce—especially when you have a less-than-perfect record. So, we offer complete assistance in helping you find your job after a pre-assessment and make a fresh start. 

Note: (These jobs are fetched from a job searching platform; Indeed, click the link to search for more related jobs for Felons.)  

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