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As an employer, it is important to know certain things before hiring a felon.
Certain laws prevent some employers from discriminating against felons. It, however, is very common for them to dig deep and act on information.
If you are an employer and wish to give a felon a second chance by hiring them, you should consider this process.

1. Be open to interaction with an honest candidate.

Often, some candidates tell the hiring managers about their criminal records.
This may catch the interviewer off guard this may be uncomfortable. It is best to thank them for their honesty, and reassure them that their criminal history will not hinder them from getting the job.

2. Wait for the right time to ask about criminal history.

Asking a felon about their criminal history can be a tough one. Employers should know the right way to enquire into someone’s criminal background.
As long as it is within the law, the organisation may ask. But, if an employer operates in an area where ban-the-box legislation applies, they can’t ask.
Some laws prevent employers from digging up criminal history until a selection is over. This ensures that the employer considers each candidate without bias.

3. Be consistent.

Before an employer hires a felon, it is important to screen the classes of jobs consistently.
The employer can have different procedures for different job classes. Within those job classes, you want to keep most people screened the same way.

4. Ask For Only Relevant information.

During the interview process, it is important that the employer stay within the confines of the job need. There is no reason to screen for convictions that aren’t relevant to the position.
A good example is this… You don’t have to screen a motor vehicle report for people who aren’t driving for the organization.
A sex offender report is not necessary. This unless they have to work with vulnerable populations like children, the disabled or the elderly.
This process keeps employers away from irrelevant information. Information that will cloud their judgement in the hiring process.

5. Be reasonable with your expectations.

No one denies that it is a big decision, hiring a felon with a criminal record.
But, employers need to lower their standards from perfect, to reasonable.
This is especially under the circumstances of the offence the felon served time for.
Yes, as an employer you should look for them to take ownership and accountability for their actions, but also enquire to know who are they now.

6. Confirm the report.

After every background check, every employer needs to follow and confirm the information provided.
It is risky to rely on a database search. Ensure that all information is confirmed by a source, which is the county.

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