Felons generally have to begin anew after a conviction. And getting ahead in life becomes almost an impossible task to achieve. Reasons for job search failure include the hesitation of companies to hire ex-felons for a job. Hence, searching for the best careers for convicted felons is a must for people out of prison.

For many people, the lack of opportunities pushes them back towards the life of crime. And the more crimes someone commits, the harder it becomes to get your life back on track.

One felony record is bad enough on your criminal record. Multiple of them isn’t something a lot of people can afford.

So, felons need to find alternatives that are legal and well-paying to live a decent life.

Best Careers for Convicted Felons

There are jobs on the list that you might not have done before in life. In such cases, find jobs that offer on-the-job training. A decent job is the first step that you take towards a better life.


Welding is among the better-paying jobs that ex-convicts can take. As welders, convicts need to perform various tasks that will vary as per the location and specialization area.

The welding job requires shapers, cutters, and other welding equipment. The work includes joining pieces of metal as per the company’s instructions. Some of the work that builders do are creating new materials, building bridges, and help construct large buildings.

Moreover, the other jobs include automotive repairs and metalwork to keep structures, equipment, and building safe for use.

Furthermore, some companies will take the time to train you for the job. But, in such cases, the training period will not come with a lot of monetary benefits. Moreover, the company might sign a contract with you where you need to work for them after the competition of training. This number of months or years in the contract will vary as per the company.

A particular skill is learning to weld underwater. The efforts are highly rewarded.

Best Careers for Convicted Felons – Electrician

Another skilled-based job that may provide a reasonable chance in life is an electrician. The pay is excellent, and demand for people in this profession is only rising. As a professional, you can find a job indoors or outdoor.

Some of the job responsibilities include repairing electrical systems at home or office. Also, if you work for a company, they may have contracts with the government for their buildings.

Other work under the job includes repairing short circuits, help prevent fire hazards, and much more.

It is a demanding job that requires work in a range of places with different environments and temperatures. But, for the most part, you will work in a comfortable environment.

Many companies only ask for a high school diploma for the job. Also, the state of occupation will decide the other requirements. While some states only ask for liability insurance, others might ask for proper licensing.

Check the local laws before making any decision.

HVAC Technician

Another work that you can learn at any point in life is HVAC technician. The pay is good, and career growth in the coming years is massive.

Install, replace, and repair heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system are some of the tasks that HVAC experts do.

The location of work can include hospitals, offices, schools, homes, factories, and more.

As the work revolves around the HVAC system, expect to work in cold and hot conditions regularly. Moreover, the hours of operation aren’t fixed in this job. There is a good chance that you may work on the weekends and at night.

As the system is becoming increasingly complex with time, today, pursuing an HVAC technician job requires serious training. People who remain committed to a career in the field find it extremely rewarding, despite the hardships.


These are only some of the high-paying jobs that ex-felons can do. They are more challenging in terms of the efforts you need to put every day in your life. But, the excellent pay and an ample number of companies willing to hire ex-felons for the job makes it an ideal choice, especially if you are struggling to get a job.

Take the time to improve your skills and improve your earning power. Best Careers for Convicted Felons are generally skilled-based, high-paying jobs that require work in extreme conditions.

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