Hotel and hospitality management is one of the most successful industries in the world today. So if you want to work in that industry, you will be happy to know that hotels hire felons.

There are many roles to fill in a hotel. And people of diverse skill sets are employed every season. This means that your skills will most likely be required in a hotel.

Hotels are very particular about experience

It is normal for companies to ask about your qualifications and experience levels. But for a hotel job, they value experience so much that it is almost the first question they ask applicants.

What this means is that even if you have a criminal record, a rich experience will put you ahead. So, if you worked in a hotel before you got convicted, things are going to be easy for you.

Though each hotel sets their own employment policy when it comes to felons, experience is something they all prioritize. This experience doesn’t have to be in a hotel. Because where you get the experience doesn’t matter as much as the skill.

So, for example, if you have been a private chef for a family, you can be a hotel chef. If you have worked in a restaurant, you can also use the skills in a hotel.

Hotels always have a high turnover rate, so some departments will always need an extra hand. Housekeeping, kitchen staff, and maintenance are some of those departments. So even if you can’t get higher-level jobs, you can grow from these departments at entry level.

Do hotels carry out background checks?

Have it in mind that hotels will always hire felons. So if they carry out a background check, it is not to disqualify you because of a criminal record. Since they are known to always hire felons, hiring managers don’t get shocked at an applicant’s criminal record.

A hotel is a very sensitive place to work, so employers always want to know your background. The guests will want excellent service, and you should be able to provide it when the need arises.

Sensitive posts that involve serving guests, handling money, entering guest rooms, and representing the hotel will be given special attention. If you want to get a big role like an accountant or a manager, there will be a background check.

This is because the hotel wants to confirm if you are who you say you are. And they also want to know what kind of experience you have to qualify for a high-level job.

It is advisable to just go for an entry-level position because most of the time, there won’t be a background check. Hotels are always trying to fill those positions, so many felons can easily get entry jobs.

But no matter the role you apply for, always be honest about your past. A lie will immediately disqualify you.

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