Having a felony record does not mean you are sentenced to lifetime unemployment. Even so, getting felon friendly jobs is never a walk in the park. Many companies don’t prefer hiring felons simply because they don’t trust them. They never consider the nature of the crime or how long back it happened. However, the scenario is changing quickly as some companies have broken the myth by offering jobs to them in 2022. And FedEx is one of those companies that feel proud to offer many felon friendly jobs in 2022. This article will define everything you need to know about FedEx and its hiring process for felons.

Things to Know about  FedEX before Applying for a Job

FedEx is an American multinational transport company based in Memphis, Tennessee. It has earned an excellent reputation for offering fast delivery service.  This makes it a worldwide leader in the transport business. It was founded by Frederick W. Smith on 1973 as Federal Express Corporation. In 1994, the company changed its name to FedEx. Since then, it has grown at a rapid speed. Today, it has more than 430 000 employees and several branches all over our country.

Know about the Hiring Process for Felons at FedEx

The company feels proud to be an equal opportunity employer. So, they have no issue with hiring felons on certain conditions. Besides, they provide many benefits to employees. These include above-average wages, nice hourly rates, health insurance, and many more. Further, they offer a chance for a hike in wages every three months. For this reason, it was named the best US company to work for by Fortune Magazine on 2018.

They offer many entry-level felon friendly jobs for ex-felons. Most importantly, all of these jobs offer many shift options. These include:

  • Truck Driver
  • Material Handler
  • Warehouse Worker
  • Package Handler
  • And many more

So, you can apply for any of these jobs as an ex-felon. However, the chances of hiring largely depend on the nature of the crime you committed. This means if your felony relates to vehicles, you have less chance of getting a job at FedEx.

Understand the Job Application Process

Since FedEx deals with delivery and postage, they always look for reliable and accountable workers. So, they always take very careful steps during the hiring. For this reason, they conduct a very detailed interview session. When anyone applies for a job, they will call the person first. And they will do a short interview over the phone before scheduling a face-to-face meeting.

During this phase, they will test the behavioral mood and personality of the applicant. If the person clears this stage, they will arrange a schedule for the face-to-face meeting. Sometimes, they might arrange a panel interview depending on the offered job role. However, if the person clears these initial stages, the company will mail him requesting a background check. They are very keen to check every detail of the criminal history of any applicant. For warehouse jobs, the company will conduct a drug test as an extra.

However, they do not make any biased decisions against felons. They only consider the nature of the crime along with the number of convictions. Besides, they also consider how long before it occurred and whether the person has completed his sentence or not. We have seen many felons working happily there. So, don’t hesitate to apply for felon friendly jobs at Fed-Ex.

Final Thought

To sum up, FedEx is an ideal company to join for ex-felons. They are very much supportive of them. Every year, they offer more and more second-chance jobs for felons. So, anyone can apply for felon friendly jobs there. No doubt, it’s worth a shot because they offer many benefits along with decent pay.

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