We know that getting a job with a criminal record can be difficult. Most of the time, they face many barriers to getting a job. Luckily, the situation is changing apace. The initiatives from the state and federal authorities work as a spur to change the mindset of employers. As a result, currently, many companies are offering more and more second chance jobs for felons. Among these jobs, warehouse jobs can be an excellent choice for them. Nowadays, the internet makes it possible for you to find warehouse jobs that hire felons.

Warehouse jobs are comparatively easier for them to get than other jobs. No doubt, companies offering this type of job always search for hard workers. So, a lack of skills or less experience will not trouble you much to get the job. But you must show a positive attitude and a good work ethic while performing everyday tasks. Let’s explore the companies offering warehouse jobs that hire felons in Indianapolis.


Amazon is a reputable company that offers many warehouse jobs that hire felons in Indianapolis throughout the year. And the company’s fulfillment center IND 4 is no exception to that. It offers many jobs as an associate in different positions like:

  • Sortation
  • Delivery
  • Grocery 
  • Distribution

But one thing you should always remember. This company generally takes a case-by-case approach when it comes to hiring ex-cons. The chances of getting hired depend largely on the seriousness of your crime, and besides, it also depends on how long back you committed the crime.


FedEx is another company that has earned a solid reputation by offering more and more warehouse jobs that hire felons. The company’s express hub in Indianapolis has employed many ex-cons recently. However, these jobs are mainly for basic entry-level positions. These include :

  • Package handler
  • Forklift operator
  • Freight handler
  • Material handler
  • And many more

So, ex-cons can apply for a warehouse job by simply visiting the career page on their website. Besides that, the company also offers jobs on many job search sites, and Indeed is a fine example of those job search sites. So, make sure to look for the jobs posted on these sites. 


Pepsi is one of those companies that signed the pledge to ban the box in April 2016. So, it is possible to find warehouse jobs for ex-cons in this famous food and beverage company. The company undoubtedly offers several benefits to its employees, including training for skill enhancement, life insurance, paid leave, etc. So, working here can be an ideal choice for ex-cons.

However, they can apply for the following jobs in its Indianapolis location:

  • Warehouse Associate
  • Loader
  • Coordinator
  • And many more

From our experience, we have seen many ex-cons working happily in this company. So, if you can work dedicatedly and sincerely, you can apply for a job in this company.

CVS Health

In fact, like PepsiCo, CVS Health feels pride in itself for signing the pledge to ban the box law. So, ex-cons can expect lots of jobs in this largest pharmacy-store chain.  Every year the company posts many warehouse jobs that hire felons in different positions. Most of these jobs offer an associate role in different positions, including:

  • Retail store 
  • Distribution 
  • Delivery

Apart from that, the company offers many benefits to its employees. These include paid time off, holiday pay, health insurance, and many more. So, you should apply for a job in this company to start your career in a new way.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have a solid knowledge of the companies offering warehouse jobs for ex-cons in Indianapolis. However, the list is very long, and the above-listed ones are only a few of them. You can search on many job sites to find the perfect job. But you should always recall one thing. These jobs are usually offered on a part-time basis. But if you are 100% devoted to your job, it can offer you job stability and good pay.

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