If you live in Chicago, there are many white-collar jobs available. And you can get the one you want if you have the required skills and certifications.

As you are applying, what will put you ahead of other felons is the knowledge you have about the role. So take a look at these available jobs in Chicago and choose the one that is not related to your felony case.

Business development manager (BDM)

Felons are known to excel in business management roles, and your case will be no different. In Chicago, there are many vacancies for business development managers in well-paying companies.

This job requires leadership, delegation, and teamwork skills. And a good way to learn about them is by volunteering for different causes and participating actively.

In Chicago, you can earn between $117,000 and $158,000 as a yearly salary while working as a BDM. This is inclusive of additional cash commissions.

Data Analyst

In recent times, data analysis has become a highly demanded skill. Basically, it involves the use of raw data to define solutions that will help a business.

There is no shortage of jobs for this particular skill. Because every business and organization needs raw data to be processed into information that they can use.

As a data analyst working in Chicago, you can start earning $80,000 to $100,000 per year. You will also enjoy flexible working times since this job goes well with remote working models.

Private client banker

In Chicago, felons are making good money working as private client bankers. If you get a job like this, you could earn up to $70,000 a year. This amount is below the national average, but it is still a very decent income.

Private client bankers work for high-net-worth clients of the company. They manage the money of these rich clients and also take care of all their financial activities.

To do this job properly, you should know how to maintain good relationships with people. Because a private client banker keeps the relationship between the bank and the client healthy.

Administrative assistant

Every office needs an administrative assistant in order to function properly. And you can get this job in Chicago even with your criminal record.

To qualify, you need a high school diploma, good communication skills, the ability to work routinely, and you must be computer literate.

Administrative assistants earn up to $50,000 in Chicago.

Life insurance agent

As of June 2022, a life insurance agent in Chicago makes an average annual salary of $89,700. This is a very decent amount of money, and you don’t even need a degree for the job.

With a high school diploma, you are good enough to start applying. But since you’ll be selling policies, take things a step further by getting certifications in marketing and business. It will be an added advantage.

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