White Collar Jobs for Felons in Pennsylvania – In December 2021, the unemployment rate in Pennsylvania was 5.4%, and it is declining every day.  The crime rate in Pennsylvania has been 3.9% which is below the 4% average of the US. This decline in the crime rates has been because of the businesses and government’s support. The government has helped with several re-entry programs.

The re-entry programs have helped people get their lives back. It has helped reduce the chances of a person going back to the life of committing crimes. You’ve got to get a white-collar job to be an active member of society.

White Collar Jobs for Felons in Pennsylvania – The List

A white-collar job might not be readily available to an ex-offender, but it is not impossible. A person needs to get a job to avoid going back to prison or landing in trouble with the law.

The last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic have also created a workforce shortage in the world. Several employers have realized the need of the hour, and they have decided to relax their recruitment process.

Let’s look at the well-paying white-collar jobs for felons in Pennsylvania state.

1. Re-Entry Programs

According to research, 67% of people are sent back to prison in just three years of completing their sentence. The factor behind this is the lack of resources available to them. Ex-offenders do not receive a positive response from employers, and there are no teaching services, etc.

The re-entry programs by the government have focused on helping these offenders start their life afresh. Pennsylvania Re-entry Council (PARC) is working on the goal of reintegration of returning citizens. These programs help provide education and employment opportunities to ex-convicts to start a new life.

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2. Traffic Control Flagger- Boiling Springs & Surrounding Areas ($15-$16)

Area Wide Protective (AWP) specializes in providing traffic control operators in North America. The operator has to ensure the worksite and the road traffic safety. The flagger must set up safe working zones for the employees, control the traffic in the area, and communicate with the team.

The operator has to work 8-12 hours long shifts and lift 40-45 lbs weights. The operator will do work in all sorts of environments & the operator will get $15 to $16 per hour for the position. Further, you also get a referral bonus and other benefits with the job.

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3. Retread Technician

You might not have the right degree, but fortunately, some jobs require skills. As a retread technician for Service Tire Truck Center Inc, you must ensure safety and quality. The task is to produce high-quality retread tires by completing the tasks that are assigned to you.

The person hired has to take care of the general maintenance of the equipment and area and clean them. The employer expects high-quality work from the person they hire. You have to be team and goal-oriented with good communication and writing skills at the workplace. In addition, there is a drug test, but marijuana is not included.

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4. Warehouse Worker/Backup Driver

Amarr Garage Doors is one of the best second chance employers that allows people to join their organization. The job profile of a warehouse worker/backup driver would include heavy lifting. A selected person will be working in a non-climate controlled environment.

The job requirements include having at least one year of driving experience with a valid driver’s license. They should be comfortable with lifting heavy boxes that come for delivery. This job offers $17.50 per hour with an additional driving bonus and paid holidays.

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5. Roofer by CentiMark Corporation

CentiMark Corporation is the largest commercial construction service provider in the US. The company provides services like maintenance and installation of all major roof systems. As a roofer, the candidate will work on commercial roofing projects in various weather conditions.

The eligible candidate should be comfortable working on weekends and have a valid driving license. The company offers $18-$24 per hour and gets additional health and vision plans benefits. Moreover, you also get to enjoy the use of paid holidays and vacations.

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Note: These jobs are fetched from the job searching platform Indeed; click the link to search for more related jobs for felons.

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